Saturday, October 24, 2009

Through sickness and in health

For just $10 Tire Alert reglued a fresh base tape on my defective Rhyno. How they afford to do it so cheap and fast is beyond me...

Yeah ok so my real name is Donald...whatcha gonna do? How did I go from Donald to chip? Hard calling that little bundle of joy Donald...Donnie? no way not Waspy enough... sure let's go with chip....great. Chip suits me, it keeps me young in my estimation. If I was Donald I'd just be another fat, out of shape townie Pats fan...not that there is anything wrong with that. The past twelve days have been an epiphany. I don't know how to be sick anymore. Seriously. I got sick right after PVD and just freaked out. The cold took me down pretty hard but instead of just giving in to it and resting and doing what my body wanted me to do...sleep. I panicked. I wanted drugs, I wanted tests. I wanted to be better I sound like some spoiled child...yeah that was pretty much me. 

After a week I surrendered. What helped? Well for one thing my coach. How funny is that? Most people think a coach is all about plans and the training. No he hit me with so much good healthy advise I realized just how bad I have been taking care of myself the last year. I am fueled on coffee and sugar. I am 44 years old and a stay-at home parent with two small kids in my care. Its is amazing I haven't gotten sick up to this point. So thanks to Al I've hit the reset button. The second half of the season starts in 10 hours. Sunday morning I am getting on the cross bike with its fresh tape, fresh record chain, fresh cables and housing and riding a tranquilo 3 hrs on some kick ass trails and roads through dover and sherborn. 

Its killed me to miss these brutal mudder conditions that everyone has been reveling in. The rain is pouring outside of my window as racers sleep (or drink belgian beer!!!) awaiting another heavy course. It is Rhyno weather and the tubie gods have smiled on me. Tire Alert did their magic and sent my defective tire back looking better than ever. That bad boy is getting glued up and ready for Putney's greasy dropoff. Molly has hooked me up with Thor's hammer of tubular mud tires! A pair of 32 FMB/ Grippos is heading my way from PDX via France. Those will be glued up and ridden hard...cannot even wait to see how a racing ralph tread on Francois' supple casing works on the nasty frozen tundra of Sterling and NBX....I pray for the mud and snow each day as some kind of cross hail mary....I hope my body remembers how to push those pedals in circles....

Something wicked this way comes from PDX/France!!!

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  1. hey, my dad's name is donald too. he was known as rosey or little rosey (his big brother was big rosey) growing up though. i agree, calling a kid donald just doesn't sound right.