Monday, April 5, 2010

The Move

Lance is sooo famous for among other things "The Look" Spartacus just etched "The Move" into his own legend. Quick post for a post-Ronde monday and the beginning of Holy Week. Our Holy Week that is for disciples of the Church of bike.
I had high hopes for JAF and Team Sky. And to Sky's credit they worked hard at the Ronde. They probably worked too hard. What's incredible to me about Cancellara 's win wasn't his dispatch of Boonen but how he overcame so much to even be in position to do so. I counted two bike changes. And trust me I was glued to the live feed much to my wife's chagrin. But there were at least two other times where he was way at the back. I might have missed some stuff between running to Whole Foods and getting ready for 20 guests for our Easter Party. Yeah I am kind of in the dog house again...

So credit him for fighting back and his team and Riis for putting him in contention after falling back. The bike changes were things of beauty. Like 8 seconds in most cases. And how he moved through traffic? Unreal. Boonen has a problem now. Between E3 and this win Fabian now OWNS him. At E3 it was tactics and a technical move at Flanders it was a move. And to further the head games I love that Cancellara is downplaying the effort. Brutal All bets are off for Paris-Roubaix. Boonen will be like a wounded animal and be very dangerous. Its going to be another one to stay glued to your computer screen for!
And Chapeau to Team Sky and JAF. Did they get played? Maybe. But you know what for a first year team to be at the front all day trying to win that is huge. These days people just try not to lose. Seeing Team Sky at the front riding like warriors was a beautiful thing JAF will have his day no doubt about it in my mind...maybe next Sunday! Oh and how cool was it seeing Lars Boom at the front for a bit? That made my day!

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