Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Year of Blanco

In no particular order a quick look back at some of my favorite photos from last year....

Mo's Seven-last year was all about Skulls and Bones....

Leah at Loon! This is probably my favorite picture I took all year!

Hup at the JPow Fundu....Jabs expressing himself...

Hup Honey....2010 was the year of Blanco and I didn't even realize it til right now

Andy Huff. Gentleman bike rider. Best Mustache in the business. Waffle Cross. One cool cat.

Rosey! That pose to me says everything about Rosey. That man steers the Hup Pirate ship through some choppy waters each and every year. Love that man like a brother.

Zank kit makes everyone look stylish-even me which is asking a lot of lycra

The Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington-Its becoming the Hub of riding in Boston. Thanks for supporting us all year!

Big Ring Rumpus was a blast! Michele sporting some bling! Michele had a great season and more importantly brought so much experience and fun to the team this year!

Fatmarc sporting the Stormtrooper kit! This might be the kit design of the year!

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