Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Make Singlespeed Great Again!

I know, I know wasn't singlespeed always great? Umm yeah sure. Its always been a blast. But it has taken a while to really take hold here in the #NECX. Colin and Thom got this party started at Ice Weasels and it just took off like a zombie pox from there. We have run our little Island of Misfit Toys series with pretty much one principal race hard, have fun, drink beer. Each racer can decide in what amount of those three they would like to participate in. This past weekend saw two NH races. Stop #3  in the Zank SSCX Series p/b Mad Alchemy was at Sucker Brook. Sucker Brook used to be the traditional opener for the NECX. It is still one of the classic New England CX courses. It has evolved a bit over the years but retains so much of its character. And for a race that is basically a fast flat course it can be a buzzsaw. I have had more friends get chewed up and spit out on this course than most others combined. I think probably because it is the "opener" people come out of the gate flying. If you don't have at least one race under your belt Sucker Brook is going to be a rude awakening. Going couch to Sucker Brook is not a good idea. Trust me. 

I was pretty hyped for this race. What is new right. Mad Alchemy's return has really gotten me pumped up. Pete and Janet are just awesome. They are so fun. And just bring so much to the events. I forget at what point Pete either created a hashtag or mentioned #makesinglespeedgreatagain but when I first heard it I totally cracked up. And when I saw he had made bumper stickers I almost lost my mind. So rad. Hit Pete with $3 via paypal to to get your very own #makesinglespeedgreatagain bumper sticker. Every one I see this season on a car, bike or body gets some swag, or beer. Or both. Now on to the race report for Sucker Brook!

I love Sucker Brook. It was one of the first CX races I did when I moved to the #NECX from SF. It was very different than Watsonville I will say that! Super fast and flowy. Some fun woods stuff. And a massive sand pit. I love/hate sand pits. Riding them is amazing. Running them? Wow. Yeah it is part of CX and you have to embrace it but I am not a runner so it becomes a bit of a sufferfest. We had 40+ racers in the SSCX. See we are making singlespeeds great again! The numbers are definitely up this season which makes the racing so much more fun. My friend Myette had to frankenbike a rig together just to get into the race. He was literally tearing the bike apart and setting it up 30 minutes before the race. And having done day of reg he was on the last row. Which is hilarious as he is one of the faster SSCX racers in our series. The whistle blows. We accelerate up the paved straight away at warp speed. Myette comes flying by and goes into the hole shot in the top ten. Well done my friend.

It is predictably utter chaos for the first three to four turns. I somehow survive and am dangling off about 15 seconds to a group of my friends. SSCX is incredible. But it is sort of like racing with a restrictor plate. In this case you have the gear you chose. You live and die by it. I had a 42 x 18 which is great for the straight aways and pavement. But meh for the corners. I sort of prefer spinning to mashing. Although this gear is making me a masher that is for sure. So I am killing myself trying to catch Eric from Chainline and Grant. Colin from Bikeman is so close its insane. Like one corner away. But no matter what I do I can not close that gap. This goes on for pretty much the entire race. The only spot I am able to kind of sneak up is in a little woods section. But then he would get on the gas and that gap would be back.

It is so fun racing against friends. The SSCX crew is just awesome. I finish up in my mid-pack spot and head to the tent to see how everyone is doing. I learn that Mellisa won and will now be the overall leader and wearer of The Vest. I am so happy for her. Cathy was so great as previous wearer of the vest. She raced in it and added some awesome flair. My favorite of course is the I am Canadian button. Because yes, I love Canada. Sucker Brook crowned a new Power Couple of the NECX in the SSCX series. We have had some badass Power Couples. But these two rock. They bring so much energy to the races and to SSCX. Honestly between them and Pete this season is shaping up to be the best season we have ever seen. One of my favorite parts of the SSCX category is that we all hang out after. No one just jumps in their car and heads home. We sit around and drink beer. Share snacks. Heckle the later races. We just have a hell of a time.

Speaking of ideas. At Sucker Brook Kevin from Chainline launched a new SSCX Association. It is called OGRA. One Gear Racers Association. Many bylaws were written on Sunday. It is going to be epic. Once we write all the bylaws up we will print them up on Koozies and hand them out at the races. The next race on the schedule is Midnight Ride of CX. It kicks of #Unholyweek. And it is only fitting that the theme of the SSCX race will the The Upside Down. If you haven't already watch Stranger Things please do so between now and next Weds. All will be revealed. Things are going to get weird. But if you see a Demogorgon do not take his hand up. I can't be responsible for what may happen to you. Am I saying we will have a Ouija Board at the race? Maybe. Dungeons & Dragons? Probably. We are doing this one for Barb. Ok party people. Thank you all for making this series so rad. See you on the Darkside in a week . 


  1. I'm maybe thinking we just switch it to OGRE. One Gear Racers Essociation. You know kinda all like YOU CAN'T TELL US HOW TO SPELL WORDS WE DO WHAT WE WANT

  2. Kevin this is the kind of out of the box thinking we need to make Singlespeeds great again