Thursday, September 15, 2016

We don't need no stinkin badges

A good friend once told me "It is SSCX there are NO RULZ" Well while we love that idea in spirit in reality to have a race series you have to have some rules. So here we go.

Rule #1 Don't be a dick. Dave Pryor taught me that one. It is a good mantra for life in general. Do I need to explain this? Be nice. Race hard but this is not the Cat 3 race or masters 35+ race. Those categories exist. Pretty sure both are called elite in some circles. How can you be an "elite" master? Or "elite" Cat 3? No idea. But if that is your jam knock yourself out. Literally. But please keep that elbows out nasty, swearing, fighty style out of SSCX thank you very much.

Rule #2 Have Fun. Racing is hard but if you aren't having fun what is the actual point? So do some weird stuff. Wear a costume if you want. Decorate your bike with Pokemon. Hand out treats. This series was built by a community. We always welcome new and fun people and ideas.

Rule #3. Zip ties are always welcome. We have had some drama around this rule but we are sticking to it. It is how we grew this series and we will always welcome zip ties. Or tensioners. Or basket bikes. Or unplug your Di2 wire. We don't care. Just race with one gear. We won't judge how you end up with one gear. That said at Quad CX I only counted 4 zip tied bikes out of 42. FOUR?!!! That is amazing.

Ok that is it for rules. Wait there are only three rules? From us at the Zank series yeah. From USAC there are probably a ton more. All our races except for Ice Weasels are sanctioned by USAC. They have very specific rules about lots of things. If you are a rules person you should read up on them. I am not a rules person so....ok onto some housekeeping.

As stated above we are a points series. We award points at each race. The points go 25 deep. The point schedule looks like this and are updated on

1 = 60
2 = 50
3 = 45
4 = 40
5 = 35
6 = 30
7 = 28
8 = 26
9 = 24
10 = 22
11 = 20
12 = 18
13 = 16
14 = 14
15 = 12
16 = 10
17 = 9
18 = 8
19 = 7
20 = 6
21 = 5
22 = 4
23 = 3
24 = 2
25 = 1

The Vest-This year we have a denim leaders vest. The first two leaders were very stoked about the vests.

The Vest is awarded at each race to the leaders. The leaders are asked to take the vest home and decorate it with some flair. It can be anything. Buttons, patches, make it fun.

The Vest must be returned to the next race. If The Vest holder can't arrange to be at the next race please let us know and we will arrange pick up and delivery of the vest to the next race.

At the conclusion of the series the overall leaders will keep the vests as trophies of their handwork

The schedule is always a bit fluid. We try our best to set the schedule and not change it but things happen. This is cross racing after all. When a promoter texts me "Imagine Orchard Cross and Ice Weasels had a baby. That is what it will become" And that is how Secret Squirrel gets added last minute to the Zank SSCX series.

2016 Zank SSCX Series presented by Mad Alchemy

9/11-Quad CX
9/11-Hartford CX
9/17-CX at White Park
9/18-Sucker Brook
9/28-Midnight Ride of CX
10/9-MRC CX
10/22-Hanover CX
10/29-Cheshire CX
11/5-Paradise CX
11/6-West Hill CX
11/26-Secret Squirrel
12/10-Ice Weasels-The Macdaddy of all SSCX series finale

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