Friday, September 2, 2016

Warriors come out to playyyyyyaaaeeee

Perhaps a better title would have been 9 days. Its nine days until the first SSCX race of the 2016 Zanconato SSCX series p/b Mad Alchemy. Are you ready to rumble? Agent Utah, always the minister of bad ideas, has cooked up a fun little Feats of Strength contest. Or perhaps think of it as a SSCX Tough Mudder. Or Spartan Race. Here are the details:

Zanconato SSCX ’16 Series Participant:

You are receiving this email because of your participation in past series’ events.

This year, the series will begin with a Prologue on Thursday 9/8 at 6pm at Cutler Park in Newton, MA. Feats of strength will determine the series leader going into the first official race: Quad CX on 9/11.

Parking is available in the lot on Kendrick St…or you can just ride to the event. SS bike only. CX or MTB is fine. Feats will begin at 6:30 at the Pump Track. BYOB; this is a hang-out. Pack in, pack out. And bring enough light to get yourself out of the park in the dark.

Leaders’ Vests will be awarded at the conclusion of the evening. 

Let’s make SSCX great again!

No RSVP; No excuses.

No idea why the first thing that popped into my mind was the movie The Warriors. Its the '80s. Its infected me like a virus that just cannot be cured. But if you happen to be in the area get yourself to Cutlah kid. It will be bananas. I will be at a hockey rink watching Syd the kid do blue line drills til she pukes. Because not only is #SSCXcoming but Hockey is most definitely coming. 

Ok so let's assume you all somehow survive Matty Ice's Test of SSCX Metal. Two "leaders" will be awarded the ZSSCX leaders denim vests. Everyone may be so hammered and stoned that this could be your one shot to get your hands on that coveted piece of denim. If you do win that vest at the prologue we have TWO BASIC RULES!!! One add some flair to the vest. Anything just make it original. Two bring it to Quad CX so it can be awarded to the person on the top step of the podium in the men's and women's SSCX race. Do you get the vibe that this season of SSCX will be a non-stop celebration of silliness? Yeah I think you get what we are cooking.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Podium Cats? You know were to find me. Maynard on 9/11. Let's do this.

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  1. warriors references for the win.

    cheers chip!