Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Bikes of Waterville Valley CX

Sounds kind of dirty doesn't it? well bike porn is like that to some it is art and to some it is pure filth...some nice new colors out there...
Nice belgian blue Spooky
When I asked the rider if I could shoot this she, in such PRO fashion, clicked down into big ring and the 11 cog to get the rear der down and put the cranks at 6 o'clock...very PRO
lots of love for the Geekhouse bikes...
Vanilla....kind of like forbidden tasty

In the tech zone there wasn't a ton to report. The biggest revelation (and again a testament to how cool a guy Eli is) Tufo Flexus tires are FAST!!! They won the 4 race under mr Bramhalls powerhouse legs. Eli lent Jeff his race wheels as this course just screamed for tubies and all Nitro had were clinchers. Eli raced them to a 4th spot in his cat and then Dave Wilcox the uber fast rider who's Vanilla is pictured above raced them in the Cat 1/2 race...that my friends is teamwork! If the Flexus keeps bringing home the bacon each weekend like this I may have to rethink my opinion of the Tufo tubies!

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