Saturday, September 19, 2009

The hills are alive with the sound of cowbells

How do real Belgian cyclo-cross racers do on a Swiss cx course in Switzerland? I have no idea. All I know is that after four hours stuck behind 200, 000 rednecks on their way to a Nascar race in Loudin NH when I saw these mountains my heart soared. Did I feel like Yodelling? Maybe...what's wrong with Yodelling?

Hup Came, Hup Saw, And Hup (Geekhouse!) conquered! Waterville CX was a huge success! First time race at an incredible venue, put together by people who get it and are among the coolest cats in New England. If you missed it bummer for you. I hope you had a good reason and it wasn't some lame bs like you were saving yourself for Sucker Brook...
Haler Flying over the barriers! Dj laid down a solid 3rd place in the cat 4! Woohoo
Like the Wu Tang Clan Hup is spinning off hits and solo acts in NE this season. Geekhouse is bringing it! And they look damn fine if I say so myself. They still bleed belgie bleu in my mind. To keep the Wu Tang theme going think of Geekhouse as one of Method Man's side projects
You want headbadges we got headbadges!
Can I call a rival teams rider classy? I think so. Nicholas Mashburn of CB is one damn classy rider! Brother fought hard today for second place

Now that my friends is how we do it!!! More in depth post later but I'll just leave it at this was by far one of the best cross trips I have ever taken. Major props and shout outs to Uber director of Hospitality Eli...That man is Hups housing coordinator extraordinaire..Great to assemble such a big group of riders to help support a great race. No year get your butt up to Waterville!

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