Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Power of Blanco

Today I felt the awesome Power of Blanco at Quad cross in Bedford! Sunday was opening day for my 2009 cross campaign. Next week's Sucker Brook CX is pretty much the official start of cross season in New England but Quad cross may soon rival it as opening day if they keep building off what they did today! There were 81 prereg'd 4s! Maybe 90 at the start line. That is incredible!

It rained buckets the 2 days before the race and then the skies cleared Sunday am and we were treated to a gorgeous day! Or tormented by it as surely all those in long skin black skinnies must have been! 

I emailed Yash mid-week for the dress code update....Blanco was the call...I tried on my Blanco skinny and was frankly a tad afraid both for myself and others. I left the skinny at home but brought the full Blanco kit on the off chance I had the courage to wear it...When I got to the venue and saw Yash lined up in Blanco I knew I couldn't let him down. I was glad I had the guts to wear it as it gave me mad watts that I never had any place putting out!

I am not really a race report guy so I am not going to bore you with a blow by blow descriptive of the race itself, what I will share are a few points. 

Point one: I am super stoked to be racing in the 45+ category. Its an amazing group of guys. Basically when I lined up and saw Soups on the front row, Brian McInnis two riders over and Tom Stevens right next to me it all became so clear. I will get faster and become a better cross racer by racing with these guys each and every week. There is no other way. To steal a phrase from another blogger Sundays will become spank me sundays. Today the Power of Blanco shined down on me and I rode way better than I could ever hope in a 45+ A race. Sundays when we are racing Verge races I will be getting spanked!

My plan was to try and follow Tom Stevens wheel as much as possible and watch his technique and learn from a true master. Trying to match his line was a clinic on how to race cross and how to be smooth and fast. Watching him really helped hammer home so many of the things we learned at cross camp. The past two weeks I have been trying to play mental games to remember all the important things Adam and Al taught us. There was so much to process. But I think I get it now. 

Point 2: My teammates kick ass. No way I could be on the line with these guys and even thinking of riding anywhere near them without the last 6 months of hardman rides, mtn bike adventures and Rosey's am cross world's. Plus hearing them screaming from the sidelines just sent shivers of adrenaline up my spine! Crazy.

Point 3: My teammate Tom is probably the toughest guy I know. He had a horrible day. He forgot his shoes and was a little late. He flatted and messed up his chain on the pre-ride. Changing the flat became an adventure as the tire exploded off the rim with a simple tube swap. He was stung by a bee on the lip seconds before our start. It looked bad at the line and the end of the race it had grown about 10 x in size. He didn't freak out, or start swearing or any dramedy, he just dealt with it was as cool as could be and rode like a champion. Amazing. 

Great seeing everybody out there! Next week we head up to Waterville Valley CX! I am sooo stoked for that race. And then Sucker Brook. It is going to be an incredible double weekend of racing in NH and the long awaited return of Zanc to New England cross racing! Bring extra cow bells and welcome them back in style!!!

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  1. Hey Chip,

    You looked real good out there. You were flying. Looking forward to a great season on the hup team, with all the great guys and gals. See you at sucker brook.