Sunday, November 1, 2009

Gaps only open at Canton

Thom Parson as either the Policeman from the Village People or Adam Craig photo by Uri Halevi
"Canton is like a mid-season Sucker Brook" I forgot who I heard say that but it is sooo true. There were something like 107 prereg'd 4s! Noho has 1/2 that and its a combined 4 and 35+ 4 category like in the old days....Canton is for a lack of a better word a New England classic. It is a fast but interesting track that is often really windy and is held on Halloween. Nothing says Fall like Halloween and cross put the two together and you get something special...sure you also get Thom Parson showing up as what I first thought was a trashy trucker but now think it has to be some play of Adam Craigs old 70s porn star Single Speed Worlds alter-ego...or maybe he was the policeman from the Village People. Either way as usual he was a rock star and such a cool guy.

It was a great time. Hup was out in full force. When I showed up to the venue it was a mob scene. I bumped into so many friends it took me about a half hour just to walk the 300 yards from my car to the reg tent. God I love cross season. After getting my number and talking to the Seven cartel I got to see my man Dj Robert leading the Juniors/Goguen train around the pavement! My god DJ is putting out some watts right now! And he has got time make those young guys do the work my brother they have an endless supply of energy in those legs.
It was Blanco weather! Man was it hot for Oct 31st in New England. 70 degrees and the sky looked like flying monkeys would appear at any moment

Myerson said it best and its true. We were all so close first lap and then the gaps opened and it was all over but the attempt to put out more watts to catch back on...
Marky Mark Jr getting passed by Barney? or is it a pink shark...god I hope Mark passed him back up the road. If not there is no shame being beaten by a pink shark they are fast...

Ronnie hopping those barriers! Yeah man he is rocking it!

*All the photos used (except for Uri's) were from Soups aka Mark Suprenant-bike racer and photographer extraordinaire! It was so good to see him walking around after breaking his leg at PVD. Once again he has lived up to his nickname as Superman. That has to be the fastest healing from a broken leg on record. Great to see you Soups and thanks for the photos.


  1. Nice comeback Chip, you rode well and looked great!

  2. No Chipper, that was where I passed the Pink Flamingo. I hit the track and hammered away.