Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cat with the Hats

Hup United - New England Rider Profile Numero Uno

Just who are all these alarmingly attractive athletes decked out in Belgian Blue? Enquiring minds want to know...There are so many ridiculously talented riders on Hup United it sometimes blows my mind. The more I get to know all my Hup brothers and sistahs the luckier and luckier I feel to be a part of this squadra.

The first time I met Theo was probably two years ago at G-star. First thing I noticed of course was his damn fine Seven Mudhoney! He got big props from me for that gorgeous cross rig! Second thing I noticed was what a cool cat he was. Super nice. Really easy to hang out with. The more I have gotten to know him the more I realize he is also scary smart and really creative. Theo makes some of the most beautiful cycling caps you'll ever see. His wool caps would make anyone instantly more attractive. Guaranteed. Theo agreed to make some custom caps for the Squadra and his design is out of this world! Thanks Theo for bringing some serious style to our team! If you want to take a closer look at his work check out www.tpauldesigns.com

I had to learn a little more about what just makes Theo tick so I fired him off a wicked lame Q&A. Being the true professional he is he hit me back with some great answers!

VCB: How did you start making cycling caps?

Theo: I wanted another copy of a cap that I bought in SF that fit really well but was a hideous orange color.

VCB: What is your process like? How long does it take to make one of your hats?

Theo: Cut (7 pieces) - print - make stripe - sew leather into brim fabric - make body - sew brim to body. It would take about 3h from start to finish to do one if I already have the screen made. About 5h to make a new screen. The stripes take the most time.

VCB: How long have you been on Hup?

Theo: Hmmm. 6 yrs on and off. Last 2 for real.

VCB: How did you join Hup?

Theo: Worked with the Godfather (Hup United Founder Zac Daab) at Seven Cycles during college and all the cool kids were doing it.

VCB: Where does the inspiration for your caps come from?

Theo: Vintage cycling posters and 70's blazers.

VCB: What is your favorite type of riding?

Theo: Mountain Biking on my cross bike.

VCB: Beer or coffee?

Theo: Bourbon - but if that is not available then beer.

VCB: Do you embro?

Theo: No, but I am curious.

VCB: worst day on a bike?

Theo: 60 mph sustained headwind in Iceland on an extended touring trip with my gf. It was a sunny hurricane. Had to walk at 1.5 mph down the road into a fiord that was 10mi long. We could see the town on the other side of the fiord less than 1 mile away for 5 hours. My ears rang for 2 days because the wind was so loud. The real bitch of it - because the exchange rate was so bad we got to enjoy $15 corona and a $70 pizza for dinner (no joke).

VCB: best day on a bike?

Theo: Riding through the Sumner tunnel on a chopper at 4am with 25 other chopper riding crazies.

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