Thursday, March 18, 2010

R is for...

R is for Rhonde. R is for Ruta. R is for cannonball run? Well the run part anyway. And most importantly R is for Rosey! Dude pulled this off! I cannot even believe it, the Rhonde is in 3 days!

Ok unless you have been in a sleep study for the last week or perhaps fled to the Cayman Islands we've had a little rain around here. In Biblical proportions actually. So with that said everyone is always saying epic this, epic that. People throw around the word epic for a pastry ride at this point. Everyone is always itching for an epic, well this will be epic! I promise you that. And I mean epic like Ruta de la conquistadoras epic. Outcome unknown epic. Element of danger/destroyer of bikes epic. Tighten up those helmet straps cause this will not disappoint! Rosey and I have been marking La Ruta as best we can and 'R' marks the spot! On key egress and ingress points there should be an R painted on the tarmac with an arrow. Look for them but also use your head every transition isn't marked we are only mere mortals.
We also put up some blue ribbon and used trail features to try and help you all navigate. But this is an adventure race and is bandit style. No course marshalls, no caution signs. Use your skillz both brain and body. Be safe. Be prepared for anything. You may have to wade, walk, swim to get around some flooding etc. Most all of it is passable. I think. By Sunday hopefully the water may have receded an inch or so...Be careful! And have FUN!!!
See you all Sunday AM. I am so geeked out I think I may puke...breath in....breath out....ok I am better now. Thanks Rosey and everyone who made this happen. Seriously on Sunday when you see Rosey give him a big hug, hand shake, high five, Hup Hup...what evah but just thank that man cause he is a badass!

Disclaimer/legalize: By participating you accept and understand that you and you alone are personaly responsible for the outcome of the ride. This is an outlaw/adventure race with no insurance etc. Same deal as if you were going mtn biking/riding on your own. You are all professionals but be safe, don't mow down any other trail users. Be careful on some of the road/trail transitions. Its not going to be the fastest riders who win this I guarantee that. It will be the smartest, the best navigators, thickest skinned, best sense of humor, and luckiest. Think Eco-Challenge when it was actually a badass event. Think Cannonball run as opposed to Paris-Roubaix. Frankly the Trench of Arenberg would be a walk in the park compared to some of these sectors. But you won't be taking them at 30kmh on 27 mm file treads with 70 jacked and stacked euro dogs breathing down your neck either but still be safe!

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  1. Good luck everyone. Sounds like it will be a really fun event. Can't wait to see pictures and read stories of everyone's adventures.