Monday, March 1, 2010

I hate Facebook, I heart facebook

Ha, seconds after blogging about how facebook has ruined my blog I get this love letter from SpectaCross and a reminder that Karma is real posted up on my FB wall.

"Hey Chip, did you know that you're the Lord Stanley of cyclocross? I guess we should tell you that the "Chip Baker Trophy" is now a permanent part of the NJ State Fair SpectaCross. It's kinda like the Stanley Cup of cyclocross (except it's a piggy bank instead of a bowl). Just like Lord Stanley, you make a donation once and you're name's attached forever. No matter where you finish, your name is on the trophy!"

Its like FB has implanted a chip in my brain and is now feeding me exactly what my fragile ego desires to hear. Hell yeah we are going to keep the Chip Baker Trophy alive and well at the NJ State Fair. Hmmm I might have to see if the winner might win say an actual pig this year. I'm not talking full-size maybe just a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. I hear they are better pets than most dogs. Wow. I can now die a happy man. Some people have children and create entire industries to ensure their legacy lives on...not me I have some pig!

Thanks SpectaCross I really do appreciate it and am up for it. I'll break my own piggy bank and send a chunk of coin to NJ to sweeten the pot. Who is fast enough to take that Trophy from Coach Al?

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