Monday, March 8, 2010

There can only be one

Velocb.blogspot is going radio silent for a little while. Not going to bore you with the details of my so-called life but its Spring and time spent on blogger is time that should be spent outside riding bikes or playing freeze tag with the kids.

So thank you blogosphere it has been an awesome run! I am also saying au revoir to Twitter. I am kinda OCD as it is and twitter has to be the most OCD networking tool on the planet. Looking at pictures from NAHBS just hammered home how whack it is that even when we all get together in the real world and have our good friends all around us we stay glued to the little super phones ala an idiot box instead of just being present and being there for and with our friends. Again thank you though to all my tweeps! Twitter is an amazing way to stay connected and I have learned a lot using it and have been hugely entertained by all your creativity, wit and knowledge. It was an education in biker life. So seriously thanks to all of you.

I will stay on Facebook as its the easiest and most ubiquitous platform to keep Hupdated with all my teammates and friends. So, much love to everyone out in the blogosphere! Big Hup hugs when I see you in the real world! The Hup NE fb page will keep rolling on and frankly with these other 2 monkeys off my back there should be some real good posts up on there. Lastly Spring is here! Get out on it. Ride your bike!

Hup Hup!!!!


  1. So sad, I understand and somewhat agree with the sentiment. But I will miss your blog posts. You are a witty writer in your own right. See you on the road.

  2. I hear where you're coming from,
    but you will missed sir.

    Now let's go ride mountain bikes dammit!


  3. You will realize how much time was actually wasted on twitter after one day of not using it. Good Choice my friend!!!!!!!