Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can't Stop, Won't Stop on wet grass

Do your tires talk to you? Mine were certainly talking to me this am at a wet Larz Anderson park. It was the sound of 66 tpi screaming for mercy. Not unlike the sound velcro makes when you rip it apart. Some really good yard sales today at Worlds. Yeah wet grass is merciless. It was really good for practice. How far can you push the corners? Do you remember all the stuff Adam and Al have drilled into your thick skull the last three years? Surprisingly the answer to that is yes. I only would have destroyed one section of JDs tape today! That is an improvement!
Ok that man right there. Mike Wissell. Badass with a capital B. That really isn't a shock to anyone. But what may be a shock is he is possibly one of the funniest human beings on the planet. Might be my hypoxic brain but man lately he has been just cracking me up. And giving me lots and lots of good advice for next cross season.
Hahah it was such a gorgeous day this morning. Seriously. Sure the grass was a bit wet and we were sliding out all over the place but it was cool and had a slight hint of Fall in the air. Now I don't want summer to end. Who would. Savage tan lines, weight loss comes easy, so many great rides with friends, bikinis, ice cream, camps, surf, the mountains, swim meets. I mean seriously. There is no better time than summer. But Fall and CX are just the pinnacle.
We had 3 Cambridge, 2 HUP, 1 Newbury Comics and 1 Boloco smashing it today. Practice hole shots. Mike obviously owns the holeshot. Although he gave one to Cambridge cause he was laughing so hard at their attacking...or maybe he was just feeling generous. Probably felt bad cause they had crashed so hard previously. We did 1 recon lap, the 2 "hot" laps, the 3 "hot" laps. About an hour of work. For the record Hope from Cambridge is going over the barriers right now like Luke Keough. She had some bad luck with a flat but man she was flying over the barriers. I am a disaster right now getting over the pvc pipes. My entry/dismount is ok but man its like I can't even drive my knees up to get over them. And then its like 6 steps to get the bike back down on the ground and remount. Sad. But its not even August. But much respect to Hope. Seriously.
MVL rocking that Nu Bleu!!! And with the HUP team issue Lazer helmet. Very nice. Great way to get the morning going. No need for the cofeets when you have Worlds at the crack o dawn. So same bat time, same bat channel from now til December. Deets are: Lars Anderson Park in Brookline, Weds mornings 6:30 am at the top of the hill. We go for about an hour. Its sick but I am seriously considering going back and running the hill about ten times. Maybe next week...Hup! Hup!


  1. Oh, the wet grass ...
    and in slow motion:

  2. That is awesome! Thank you for posting that up!

  3. So, can anyone go on Wednesday mornings? Even beginners?