Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fight Club

Rosey's Worlds aka Larz Worlds aka Fight Club almost turned into Cambridge Bicycles Racing Worlds this am...thankfully I didn't hit the snooze button and Stewart rode up on his white horse of the Hupocalypse...But it was pretty cool to see equal numbers of HUP and CB mixing it up at dawn on July 20th...I guess we know what teams in Boston are thinking about cross right now. I had to ask Seth how many kits Cambridge has. He said 3 road, 3 cross...from a team that is pretty kit crazy I say spot on to also dawned on me as I watched the TDF today that I think Sky finally got sick of copying HUP and decided to copy Cambridge. I mean that team car paint job is awfully close to the kit Seth was wearing today.
I wanted to do a photo shoot of all the kits present on hand but some people don't share my enthusiasm for having an iphone shoved in their face at 6:30 in the name of blogging. Oh well another day perhaps...We had a nice mix of riding. We pushed the envelope of what clincher cx tires can do on freshly cut grass. We destroyed the barriers a couple of times. But that is the beauty of Larz. This is where you want to get those skillz back. Turning on grass has to be one of the hardest things to do on a bike. And probably one of the single most important skills for doing well in the NECX. We race on a lot of grass crits errr courses so you better know how to rail it on grass or you are gonna be off the back after a lap.
I couldn't resist taking bike pics. We had a couple of Iglehearts, a HUP Honey built by Seven, Rosey's ti Seven and my Rock Lobster. That is a pretty badass showing of cross bikes! I know a lot of people will mock our getting out on the CX bike before the TDF is over. Frankly if you aren't thinking about cx right now you should be. This week felt so much better than last week. But really its about shaking out the cobwebs, getting used to riding and turning on grass, running with the bike, closing the door, getting knocked off, getting back on. All those skills that are so key to doing well in a cross race. We aren't racing. Trust me. I did almost puke after we did 3 laps fairly hot. Rosey asking me why I was breathing so hard was pretty comical and a good heckle. RMMs secret poop start was less than comical. Maybe he ran over dog shit. Either way it made for a malodorous attempt at the hole shot. The hole shot was never in contention. Mike Wissell owns the HS at Larz. Granted even he is human as he crashed on the 3rd grassy corner....
We had a longer practice this week. Mixed it up. Raeanne from CB looked like she was helping some newer riders with some skills which makes her a rock star in my mind. To me that is what Larz should be all about. Come out. If you need skills let's work on those. If you need to get in some hot laps we do that too. So its on from here on out. While we don't want this getting too big its nice to have a good group. If you think this sounds good to you. Reach out we will get you the details. While we like to call it Fight Club...we don't necessarily stick to the rules of FC....if you ask about it we'll tell you about it...
How Rosey carries that bag of barriers with him on his ride over eludes me! It is a lot heavier than it looks. Huge thanks to Rosey and DJ Roberto for championing this and being so open about it. Not a lot of people love cross more than those two I will say that...oh and so you are all warned DJ is clearly gunning for the Zanconato Single-Speed Cyclo-Cross Trophee series! He was out on his ss today mixing it up with us! What is the ZSSCXTS? Stay tuned lots of exciting details coming soon. But just to be a tease a series with one goal-have fun. OK maybe one more goal-create mayhem on the cross course.


  1. Chip, we'll have to get you out to WNSP some week so that you can see how we rock it on our side of the river. We'll be starting up in Mid August.

    Good to see you today.

    Details to follow.

  2. Thanks Mike! Great seeing you. I have been itching to check out the SuperPrestige for the last couple of seasons. Count me in.

  3. Damn that Rock Lostah is H-O-T-T-!

    And yeah, what McKitty said!