Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Break...

Is ovah. Its July and the cross alarm clock should be ringing really loud in your head right now. 8 weeks. That doesn't even count Rosey's Worlds, all the August cx races and all other manner of cx radness that is going to be going off any day now. Doesn't mean we aren't going to get jacked up on the TDF, ride dirt bikes in woods with aliens and create general mayhem. But start thinking about it. Is the bike ready or is it still encrusted with beer from Ice Weasels?
Summer to me means riding with friends. Racing is cool. If you are a hardcore racer that is cool by me. I love racing. Just not so much in the summer. Me I like riding with friends. Checking out new trails and loops and talking bikes and beer and such without all the type A bs that goes along with racing....
Billy busted out the new CBracing kit the other day. My plan was to do a solo cx loop in Cutler but I saw Billy and Nick heading back from Wells and couldn't resist riding with them. Was no easy task hanging with them on fat tires at 40 psi but they are good friends and rode piano. Good times to say the least
Brass knuckles! Love all the little details on the new kit. It was a great ride and was pretty hilarious to see the power of the interwebs in action on a ride in the real world. As we approached Strawberry Hill Billy got pretty quite. As we turned onto the climb Nick told him to go get that strava KOM! He took off like a shot man. Not sure what the tale of the tape was but he went up that thing like he had a jet pack on.
Nick has got to be one of the coolest guys in the NECX. Just a chill and totally rad dude. I could ride with him all damn day. Frankly the entire Newbury Comics crew is like that. Super cool, super strong, solid bike riders. I got a chance to ride with Roger twice down the Cape in a forest that is as close as you can get to the Ardennes without the plane ticket. We had a ton of fun on the cx bikes and got to laugh at all the pathletes and groupetos. We are plotting and scheming a Wizard Staff CX training camp. It will be off the charts if we ever pull it off. Even if we don't I am putting a red star over Veterans day weekend. Looks like a Cape cx weekend is in the cards. We'll see if the promoters lock it up but it could be Veterans Day= Eco-cross ; Sat= Plymouth; Sunday= Plymouth. That would be radGet your bikes ready. Set the alarm. Rest up. Rosey's Worlds are coming sooner than later. And we have some other things cooking that will be cxey as hell. I leave you with this. If Dorothy had to follow the Yellow Brick Road you are gonna want to follow the cockroach...'nuff said stay tuned. Hup! Hup!


  1. Wizard Staff CX camp? Holy moly. I need to come out just for that.

  2. CB needs the new CB kit.... so do I