Sunday, July 15, 2012

Addicted to Cross

My name is Velocb and I am a cross addict. Had a really funny conversation at the Fundo with a couple of the ladies of the NECX about our "commitment" to cx. Its a conversation lots of us are having right now. Some are chomping at the bit. Others don't want summer and the fun riding to end too soon. I jokingly made the comment "but has it affected your lifestyle?" It got hilarious after that.

And then I woke up to an article about gambling addiction in the Globe. So here you go. As a warm up for this cx season take this test to see if you are truly a Cross addict or just a poser...and the only cure my friend is more cowbell....sorry but its true

Seek Help When:

• You always think about Cross

• You spend money on Cross that you need for other things

• You keep doing Cross even though you may feel bad afterward

• You get nervous when you try to quit Cross

• You need to race Cross more often to get the same buzz

• You lose Cross races, but you return to chase the losses by racing even more

• You spend work, school or family time racing Cross

• You tell lies to hide your Cross addiction

• You lose a job, educational opportunity or a relationship because of Cross

• You find that no matter how hard you try, you can't stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop....sorry my friends we are all screwed! See you at Larz in the am real soon!

Hup! Hup!

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