Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer break

Summer break was awesome. This year I brought 3 bikes. The Zank, my Seven and the Rock Lobster. Our trip to Brewster typically signals the start of cx season. Or the time to start thinking about cx season. But I am hooked on the Zank. Its really the only bike I want to ride right now. The fact that Myette had just been down and was texting me pictures of black mambas warming on logs and going on about the sick single track didn't help me start thinking about cx. At. All. And I brought my running shoes. The only bike I rode until the day we left was the Zank 29er ss. I never found that black mamba but I found some insane loamy single track. It was like riding in Gnarnia. Fun logs to hop, great twisty trails, perfect for a single speed 29er.

Then I would come home and ride with Zoe. The Seven Sola has become her bike. She has had her usual summer growth spurt and is now taller than me. She is 11 by the way. And the Seven is actually a touch too small for her. But she loves it. We rode 10 miles each day. Those rides were the best rides I have ever been on. She loves riding. And seeing her so confident and stoked rocks.

But the party as they say is over. My cx alarm clock went off with a vengeance on July 1st. Everyone's did. Matt sent out the first shot heard round the world and it set everyone to levels of cross insanity that is unprecedented for July. July 2nd I went running. Mark your calendars. I am in good hands. My running coach is a badass. To say I am lucky to have her mentoring me and my attempts at not sucking at running in cx is an understatement. For the record when ever a cyclist hears the word running they freak out. Ok I sort of get it but we are talking about cross running. Not jogging. My plan is to build a base. Well to get fit as I never run and the one mile on the track felt like death. Once I am fit I am going fast. I want to be a sprinter not a 5k runner. I want to fly over the barriers this year. And for once turn the screws on the roadies when we hit the runups. There is no greater feeling than that. Well maybe taking a bacon cupcake on the top of the runup but that is a whole other blog post.

So you have been served notice! This is your cross wake up call. My plan is to do something for cross every day in July. Get the bike ready. Contact sponsors about the Zanconato sscx series and Night Weasels. Find and get rid of the damn creak that is plaguing the Rock Lobster. Obsess on gearing. All that jazz...Cx season is 6 weeks away. What have you done for cross today?

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