Monday, July 9, 2012

Ghost Riding NTF

A tree took my Mala...A worthy sacrifice to the tree gods in NTF. So many thoughts flowing this summer. Zero time to put them down. So yeah I love my Zank 29er. And I love that its a single speed. Why do I love singlespeeding? Not because its cool. You have met me do I look like I give a rats ass about being cool?

So what is so great about it. Its an amazing teacher. You learn about momentum. You learn to ratchet. What is ratcheting? More people should learn to do it less derailers would get snapped off. You learn to track stand. Ok I can't track stand but I can sit still on a rock and balance for a second without freaking out and then make a move. You learn to ride up shit by going fast and attacking.

Basically singlespeeding in NTF becomes these 40 second to 1 minute bursts of full on power to get over all the rocks and step ups. I think that might be a pretty good weapon come cx season.

Still have fear in my heart. Won't lie about that. But its coming around. Learning to trust the bike more and more. Mikey built a gem when he put torch to this steel and made it one of the finest bikes I have ever ridden.

And for the record I am not a zealot. I see a lot of advantage to one gear. It really makes you focus. Strips it all down. But I am ready for some gears. I am thinking a nice 1 x 10 set up. Its what Adam Craig would do....I refuse to wear baggies though. Never. Ever.

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