Monday, April 13, 2009


Segmented wishbone rear triangle topped with pennies
Brass 10th anniversary Sycip headbadge
Brand new xt cranks
Handbuilt Sycip goodness made in Sonoma, California by 
a true mastercraftsman out of reynolds 853 steel 

Time to swap West coast handbuilt steel love for some East Coast bling....definitely mid-life crisis time. But it could be worse, better to lose it with boutique bikes than Porshes and clubbing right?

So the trusty Sycip is up for sale. This bike has seen a lifetime of riding and is still awesome. Jeremy has a certain mojo that can't really be described as he is such a cool guy and artist. The frame is about 8 years old but in great shape. It has some newer parts and has been adjusted from the Bomber fireroad descender to a bit of a woodsy bike. How did I ever ride with a 130 stem? Swoopy fireroads I guess. A much more east coast 105 has recently been added and she handles like a dream now!

Ok so the low down;

24 lbs of Handbuilt 853 reynolds frame, all the cool Sycip signature bits ie., segmented wishbone rear end with pennies on the caps, 10th anniversary headbadge

Tt effective: 22 3/4"
St: C-C=15" C-T 17"
Cs: 16 3/4"
Bb ht: 11 3/4"
Ht: 4"

The Good;

Brand new Xt cranks, bb, cogsett, chain -put on for 24 hrs of Great Glen last summer
Brand new easton monkey lite riser bar and 105 bontrager stem, new grips
rebuilt wheels. Classic King hubs (original to bike but serviced and in great shape) with newly built Mavic 32 hole X 717 ceramic wheels

The Old but in good shape
Thomson post, king headset, xtr shifters, derailluers, v-brakes, flite saddle, all circa 2000 shifters are triggers.

The Fork
Fox F80RLT-Good solid fork with lockout. 3 years old

So Hup and FoHu price: $700 or best offer...I'll probably post it up on ebay in a few weeks, maybe the NE cross board. Love the bike but need to clear out some room for the new weapon...


  1. HA HA HA HA!!! This beauty is MINE!

  2. Sold to Yash! So stoked--Yash you will love it!

  3. To all, I will race Pat's peak and qualify for nationals again on this baby.

    Thank you Chip for a deal of a lifetime.

  4. I am just happy that the Sycip will be in good hands! And Pats Peak is going to rock!

  5. Just one more day, and it will be mine.

  6. Mr. Katsumi, your new Mtn bike awaits! Cleaned it top to bottom, still has some cutler mud on it...but it is a mtn bike right? Greased the seatpost, adjusted the deraillers! She's looking good!

  7. Yash said that he will be racing this beast at Fat Tire next weekend.

  8. This will be the first time the Sycip Top tube will have tears drip on them. I predict lap 3 tears will be shed.