Sunday, April 26, 2009

Through Hale and Back

dmroth photo from Noho
Cross season started today. How is that possible? It is April and it was like 90 degrees out. Cross season pretty much never stops for me but the actually partaking of cross like activities remains dormant until at least July....not this year. Shaving my legs for Battenkill flipped a switch in my psyche that was impossible to contain. I pulled the Rock Lobster out of the basement still covered in grime from the Forest of Lowellenberg. Replaced the totally demolished kool stop pads, sprayed Beo-shield on all the squeeky bits, inflated the worn down michelin muds and rolled out. 
Did I mention it was 90 degrees out and it was April? Did I mention my legs were still a total disaster still from BK? Hale reservation called me. Come play in the woods...Off I went. Pretty clean mount, no stutter step, click clack bam. Hands just land on the hoods with total muscle memory...incredible how well the Rock Lobster fits me its like a part of me at this point.
Had an awesome ride just rolling through the woods trying to get my ninja skillz back...not even close by the way. And Hale will kill you if you aren't on top of your game. Found two incredible ponds and did full speed beach sand pit transitions...just floating through the sand and then out back onto trail! 

Bike made many a protest. Clearly need to bust it down to a frame and lube everything. Probably need a new bb and who know's what else. But what a day for riding. I am sun burnt, all scratched up like I've been in a catfight but I survived and now have the route dialed for a 2-hr to Hale and back ride that is going to be my bread and butter for the next two months. Running will start as soon as I can actually feel my legs...And the creme de le creme I registered for this That is going to be crazy!


  1. I might be going to that race. The promoter is going to do seeding and offered me a free entry... totally worth 10 hours in a car!

  2. Yikes...10 hrs. Well all us BOS cross freaks need to do this cannonball run style then for sure! I think it could be pretty insane to hit this up. At least we'd get two days of cross out of it...