Saturday, April 11, 2009

Picking Cavendish for P-R

No hiding my adulation of Cavs at this point. Not at a man-crush perse but pretty much ready to carve out a good spot in my bike room for a shrine to all things Mark Cavendish. So many things would have to go his way for him to win Paris-Roubaix but it just feels right. He is tough as nails and has to have the confidence right now. The biggest emotional hurdle has to be George Hincapie. For all the bad rap he gets for being cocky Cavendish actually seems like a very loyal teammate and if Hincapie is riding well I am sure the team will try and get George the win. My hope is Cavendish is in the front group after the trench of Arenberg and can race for himself.

RETRACTION/Correction: Apparently in an effort to avoid potentially team destroying allegiances on the road Mark Cavendish has been left off the start list of Paris-Roubaix. I for one have shed a few tears about this but am now over it. I have been dying to get the above picture up on the blog for some time so we'll chaulk this little slip up in editorial judgement to over enthusiasm....

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