Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A dose of Vitamin D

I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose, here's your ticket hear the drummer get wicked- PE

With one week until Battenkill I should have been doing hill repeats and doing big blocks of vomit-inducing, chasing back on as PVB calls it. Should have been putting on a new chain, cassette, cables, etc....slap some 25s on blah, blah, blah get my bike ready. Doing all the things that during cross season go off like clockwork. But I am/was losing it..the freakout knob is pushing into the red at 11...aren't we all at this point? At least those of us racing BK.

I did what any good dr would have prescribed and hit the dirt. Cutler was in good shape. Lots of swoopy sections. Worked the teeter totters of planks, laughed as I bounced off of root after root. Dropped in on some crazy downfall etc. Saw a gorgeous red tail hawk and got my mojo back....


  1. Weee WEE wawa!

    Sell me your Mountain bike!

  2. Nice! I'm going to try and hit Cutler next Wednesday night at 6PM - IBC is hosting a ride there at that time.

    And speaking of BMX, the Crank wheels in the previous post seem to allude to mag wheels. Love that color scheme.

  3. Don't worry about BK. It is like a nice group ride.

  4. I put the wednesday IBC ride on my calendar. I'll meet you there. I have been itching to ride with some people who actually know where they are going in Cutler. Its all so Blaire Witch projecty to me...It must be supah freaky at night!