Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living Colour Contest ie., I need to live with the color I pick!

Spec is done on the Sola build! It looks fantastic on paper and I can't wait to see Mike S work his magic flame! Now its color. I am a headcase as usual but what is new. So here are three that I like, obviously I am not buying a sola, a V II and a Axiom race. I am a man of leisure but do not come from old or new money if you know what I mean...the boys at Seven will be wanting answers any day now....

Zac's Sycip Cross bike-gorgeous and has the belgian flag pinstripping!

The Hup blocks are Hott add a little Mapei targets and the Lion will be roaring
Dark blue/Hup blue with white accents...Sporty and classy.

The Godfathers Hup Noir V II is flat out gorgeous!
Black and white race-A solid badass scheme. Only down side is will I get bored with it. 
Perhaps with a few Noir tweaks it could be a winner

Vote early and often as I am clearly incapable of making any decisions on my own. A random bit of swag will be awarded to one lucky do have to vote to be eligible for this prize drawing. Could be anything: An old FMB tubular, maybe some Mad Alchemy embro, or a crappy old pair of shoe covers that don't fit me anymore


  1. I'd be curious to see what the ZD's V II scheme would look like if the black were replaced with white. I think he had one (the same one?) with a white scheme replete with the belgian blocks - that was hot!

    But if pressed to choose from the options, I like the first design - it's unique and also flaunts the Ti!

  2. I do love the V II with the blocks. That was a crazy Hup paint job. His cross bike was a thing of beauty as well. Its such a fine line with mtn bikes. don't want it to be too busy but blocks with targets all around the bb shell would be so awesome!

  3. I'm a big fan of NOIR. I think the Hup NOIR VII is the best looking of these paint schemes. Not sure how it will look on a mtn bike, but on a cross bike, that is killer. Not a big fan of the front to back color scheme (dark blue/blue or white/black). I think color changes should be top to bottom, not front to back. Pinstriping is also cool, especially if it has significance, like on ZD's Sycip. I bet that paint scheme with black instead of white would be bitchin cool.

  4. I love the Hup NOIR - but #2 just seems to speak to me. Maybe it is the Flag stripes on the back, maybe the blocks. So - #2.

  5. Holy crap PVB, you beat me to it! I was just going to say the same thing, replace the black with the white.

    I personally would replace the white with a metallic orange.


  6. I like the Seven V II followed closely by the 2nd pic w/ the Mapei blocks near the BB.