Monday, May 4, 2009

5 signs you are the worst runner on the planet

1. You can barely flex your feet and your legs are destroyed a day after chasing the kids on their bikes around the neighborhood

2. You can barely keep up with the 4-year old on her "big girl bike" while she is screaming "mtn bikes are CRAZZYY!" at the top of her lungs and pedaling furiously to catch her 8-year old sister

3. You are so gassed after 3 laps of this torture that you have to beg the kids to stop and relax for a moment

4. You have to use ice-cream as a bribe to get said kids to have mercy on papi so he doesn't have a heart attack.

5. You end up "riding" the 4-year olds bike home like a circus clown because you can't keep up with this brutal pace any longer.--much to the kids ridicule and hilarity.

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