Monday, May 4, 2009

Shake n' Bake

Shake n' Bake Hup-style began last August up at 24 hrs of Great Glen. Its in full effect and will be launched at venues throughout the NE in the coming months...We had a little Hup bbq at casa de Woods/Baker. Gretchen made some delicious Hupcakes with a Shake n' Bake theme. The boys were sun-burnt and a little fried from 130 miles from Bos to Wachussett and back but two hardman rode to the party! And one rode back! Love it.

The hup hot tub club had a bit of a reunion with Dj Robert taking a full dip while Yash and Rosey chose to soak their calves....tons of fun. Great to get together when there is no race pressure or otherwise. Fun with family and friends eating homemade Quac and cupcakes! It doesn't get any better.


  1. would pam be opposed to us putting that hot tub on wheels and towing it to the races this fall? i promise to help clean the dirt out on sundays.

    thanks for inviting us over. good times!

  2. I think Pam would give us the green light on that. Or we could have jimbo build us a wood hot tub that could be transported to all Hup events!