Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm too sexy for my...

Blanco...so sexy it hurts...
My apologies to all Right said Fred fans. I am an ugly bastard...seriously. That is a mug only a mother, wife or offspring would find attractive. But Blanco makes you feel like Zoolander. Seriously. It flat out rocks! On a hot day in NE that smacks of summer words can't even describe the sheer awesomeness of this kit.

Fitting that my first ride in Blanco would be Memorial day. Any earlier would have been tres gauche...non? Took 2 pics before my battery died and frankly it was starting to feel way too Narcissistic clicking photos of myself ( i contest its of the blanco but...) on such a gorgeous day that should have been my sole focus. Found the double edge to the Blanco. Its not unlike going on a sunday ride in a Hotrod red Porshe Boxster. Sure you could be that old guy that just goes soooo painfully slow or you are going to have to get ready to redline it everytime some dude in an Audi TT, or Vette or 3 series comes rolling along. 

For me it was out near the realm of the Dover Demon. Dude came up on my bumper at warp speed. If it wasn't for his crappy drivetrain and shifting he would have smoked me. And mentally there is no way I would have chased him. He would have broken me. But I heard his clikkity clack slam shifting and just pulled out all the mental gymanstics. I slllooowly and silently started going down the cogset and ratcheting up my cadence. Still on my wheel. 

I thought let's see how this feels. And put it in the big ring. Still casually. That's the beauty of campy its a silent killer and smooth. No dice he was a man possessed. Or was he a man at all? We'd all been joking of finding the Dover Demon for weeks. Had I finally found him on this wooded lane? We descended at about race pace and on the next riser he made his move. He half-wheeled me to come around mais non I accelerated and got over the riser first wheel. Next bomber descent I came back to the real world and thought to myself what am I doing? I let safety take first priority. I'd made my statement. I wasn't going to be a dickhead or endanger an obviously more fit rider on a sketchy descent. I let him pass and followed his wheel. Up past col de charles we rode at a fast tempo. Once up on farm st we exchanged pleasantries. It appears the Dover Demons name is Nestor and he hails from Chicago. He has a husky Italian accent. We shook hands for a battle well fought And he departed with a "ciao" The Dover Demon has been found he lit my lungs on fire and has a warm and welcoming smile....

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  1. Looking good my friend!!!!

    I am sorry I bailed on sunday, my shin seems to be very sore and broken.