Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dirty White Sex

I cringed when I typed in the title of this post. The Puritanical upbringing that is so ingrained in my waspy heritage seemingly will not die. Frightening that over a decade living in SF, 4-years at art school and being firmly planted in adulthood and I still can't shake my inner prude....but the title couldn't be helped because this is all about Dirty White Sex. 

I have always had a sidi fetish. Nothing compared to but none the less I worshiped at the alter of Sidi for years. In fairness Mr. Keller kicked my lust for Sidis up a notch and he is the one who brilliantly coined White Sex. The odd thing about the interwebs is someone who you've never met and lives a timezone away from you can make such a mark on you. 

A couple of bloggers have brought my cross game to a level it never would have reached without their influences. Mud and Cowbells was/is a beacon for any crosser who wants to learn, get stoked, and lust after all the bling that the cross gods have to offer. White Sex changed my whole outlook last year. I swore by shimano shoes the last two seasons. But after getting the dragons I'll never go back. 

Shimano shoes are heavy, cobby (for my feet) and have zero style. Dragons are the pinnacle of style. And as long as you put those toe spikes in they give plenty of traction. And they come in White! The confidence that comes from looking down at your white sidis on the start grid cannot be measured. Whenever I get a new pair of Sidis I jokingly tell my kids are you ready to hear the Angels singing? I am only half joking as Angels do sing when you look into a box of fresh Sidis just filled with the promise of lung searing efforts, ballet-like dismounts and yard sale crashes in mud pits!

But I feel I've let Greg down. The LCC certainly would not approve of the pair pictured above. My Dragons are beat. They are dirty. Dirty white things look even dirtier than dull dirty things (shimanos) CC (thankfully) counseled me (well, heckled me) into not wearing a brand new pair of white sex sidi Ergo 2s at Battenkill. I was so stoked to show up at the start line with shiny white sidis! But there is stylish and there is stupid. I do not have the budget to be outfitted in a never ending stream of pearly white sidis. I am now holding on to the sick brand new sidis for the peak of summer and perhaps only for Hup epics and Tuesday Night World Championships!

But its time to put a line item into the budget for next cross season. Size 42 Dominators White...Imagine those with a white skinsuit on the start line of Sucker Brook? scary...


  1. I like these, and notice that if you act fast, you can "SAVE 1%!!!"

    And these would be good for the CB/Embro crowd...

  2. come on - give the Waterville Valley CX race some love Chip! it is the day before and ya know you can't miss it!