Friday, August 14, 2009


Hup took a bit of a beating yesterday. Rosey laid it down pretty good on some train tracks on his commute in to work. I set out on my Red Raider loop without any concerns for my own well being and paid the price. Rosey should have been a canary in a coal mine..but I am a Gemini and get distracted easily by shiny objects and frolicking in the woods. So many should haves, especially for a 44 yr old in charge of 2 kids and 3 octagenarians...I should have realized it would be wet, should have seen the warning signs that my 3 yr old worn out michelin muds needed replacing (hmmm maybe the total lack of tread down the center section should have been a tip off they need to go) should have remembered back to about 7yrs ago when I was living in Norcal riding mt diablo every day on my mtn bike and the horrific crashes I had transitioning from mtn bike riding to cross riding on the same trails...shoulda, coulda woulda what evah? 
I hit the Red Raider loop hard with visions of doing 20 runnups because Myerson says that's how a crosser does running training not by doing 5ks...Felt great. Only got in 10 runnups but was feeling it. That is always a bad sign. In any self-respecting War movie or slasher flick you always know who is going to get it next wether it be the jock or the hotty by who is happy and feeling good about life. Then kablaammmo. 
Does my ass look fat? Oh god don't answer that. But this is why you shave ALL the way up
So I was heading home feeling good about myself counting my podiums and thinking of how many days until Waterville CX. I decided to drop down this rooty loaming singletrack that I've done a million times on my cross bike. It exits on a wood bridge. As I dropped in I got a tad knocked off line by the roots. Funny how a 32 mm knobby pumped to 45 psi doesn't handle like a mtn bike tire at 30 psi...weird. I must have come into the wood bridge too hot and at an angle because when my front tire touched the wet mossy wood it was like Hades reached up from the depths of Hell and ripped my bike out from under me. Bam on the deck. Hit my hip and slid about 10 feet. The only thing keeping me from flying off the bridge was a metal post I hit with my anke...nice. I laid there in pain for way too long for a "normal" crash. First thought was shit did I just break my hip? (that's the first sign you know you are an old bastard right?) my second thought was oh my god I just destroyed my brand new iphone which made a really weird sound upon impact...after a second I got up did a quick body check. Wasn't feeling good but had to ride home so f-it. Straddled the bike gingerly and tried to turn the pedals over. Got home in massive pain. My two girls were awesome drs! The 4 year old wanted to see the blood, the 8 year old hid her eyes. They were so great getting me ice bags, bandages, etc. These two have a future in er medicine!

Hmm what's that white stuff ewww
The upside is nothing is broken and I have a fresh tetnus shot to carry me through cross season! Woohoo. Kudos to Dr Richardson! I love facebook friends! I sent her a wall message and she got back to me straight away. Its awesome knowing there are Dr's who are down with stupid bikers and there crashes. She seriously rocks. So I am sore all over but functional. Sat am the Squadra is hitting D2R2. I will be going on a chill pastry ride in search of the perfect Iced Americano...hup, hup, hup

So much dirt so much scrubbing and screaming in the shower

Oh yeah you sit there all nice like like you didn't cause my horrific crash just so I'd ride you more...oh you sick sick bastard

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  1. Arnica gel on the bruises Chip ASAP!!
    heal up soon :)