Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Pig

Why is that man holding "my" trophy? Because the promoter for SpectaCross at the NJ State Fair is totally cool that's why. I so wanted to go to that race. Any race where you can run over a burnt out car speaks to me. But I am sick like that. But I am also contracturally obligated to remain in the greater Boston area entrusted with the 2 minors under my care if there is no under-70 backup. But enough about me. When I realized the trip to NJ wasn't happening I emailed the promoter to let him know I wasn't going to be making it. He asked me if I wanted a refund. Refund really? Why does NJ get a bad rep? seriously. There are no refunds for no shows at bike races damnit! Doesn't he know this?....I emailed him back saying hey no worries use the race fee for some beer for the racers. Well he came up with a much better idea The Chip Baker Rainbow Pig Trophy! I will now be sending him some cash money to pay out the hearty souls that make it to this race as an annual occurrence. And next year we may work out some deal were you win a pig! And not some yearling a big pig try and fit that in your Bailey works bag! Now if I can just get some podium girls to hand the trophy to our dirt encrusted heros I can die a happy man...Better crossers than me have said this but there is no reason why people closer than Boston shouldn't be flocking to this race next year. For all the bad mouthing promoters get here is a promoter who actually cares about racers.... 


  1. the only reason I can think of to not go to this race is NYC... that is specifically - having to drive through it (or around it or over it or under it or anything near it)...

    but that's wicked awesome that your name is on a pig's ass! LOL

  2. Gewilli -- it's in the northwest corner of New Jersey, you don't drive through NYC to get to it at all. Just take 84 W outta Hartford and you're there.

    A bit over 4 hours from Boston if traffic is good. Kinda far but worth it for 2 races.... atmo.