Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top Tube Here

My Rock Lobster Top Tube is going to be setting up permanent residence on that bullseye in about two weeks. Still prepping like a madman. Pulling in favors from mechanics and friends left and right. Keep forgetting something. The thing with cross season is we wait all year for it and then bam its gone in a blink of an eye. This seasons schedule is insane. So many UCI races. So many doubles. I have no idea how I am going to survive it without blood bags or an altitude tent...maybe just eating raw meat and Rocky 1 raw egg milk is really going to have to take a backseat to recovering especially in the month of October. The races I know I must attend and that are AAA races in my mind are: Putney, Waterville/Sucker Brook, Mansfield Hollow, Providence Cross, and Shedd Park. Noho also holds a really special place in my heart. Maybe its the table top jump over the tracks...who knows I just always have a great time up there. So here it is read it and weep...I know come Nov 1st I most likely will be a cross zombie...hope not.

29th- Cycle-smart cross camp

13th- Bedford/Quad cross

19th & 20th-Waterville Valley/Sucker Brook

3rd & 4th-G-Star

10th & 11th-Providence Cross 

17th-Mansfield Hollow



7th & 8th-Noho

21st-Shedd Park
22nd-Spooky Bikes CX


5th & 6th-NBX RI

11/12/13th Bend Oregon Natz....big question mark on that one...but rumors of hottubs, Super Relax, the entire Hup NW squadra and DMRoth....might be too insane to miss...we'll see how flights look..

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