Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shift in the weather?

Can you Feel it? The mornings have gotten a little crisp. At night you are under the blankets instead of on top of them sweating yourself to sleep. So much talk of cross right now. Just makes me feel sooo much more alive. Talking to friends about tubulars. Which ones to get? What set up will be the best. .Lots of talk about what the "hot" tire is right now. Flexus? Typhoon? Grifo? We are so lucky to have all these choices. Even my mechanic is getting psyched I can tell a summer of fixing hybrids and kids bikes has pushed him to the edge...Cross is really hitting a peak. We'll see if its the crest of the wave or will it keep building to double overhead...for us it doesn't matter. We loved it when there were no inflatables and beer rocked when it was just a bunch of orange cones and a keg of beer in the back of someone's pickup truck. 

So much going on. Great ride out to Harvard and back with the crew. Team is strong right now. And we haven't even started getting serious ( I think...) So much to be stoked about for this season. Lots of ideas flying around. And Yash has a new blog!!! Finally. Although I shouldn't call it a blog as it is a proper website. Good to see him and his creativity back on the web. Last preparations are in order to be ready for Palmer on the 29th. Got to get the Lobster looking all pro for that first race. Might still have to roll up on my ratty old sidi dragons but what are you gonna do. Can't wait to hangout at the races. Get there early to cheer on the 4s, stay late to cheer the 3s...might need to get an air horn this year...Autumn is almost here I can feel it...

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