Monday, August 24, 2009

Sebago Cross mini-camp

The God of Thunder gave us quite a welcome to lake Sebago

My family has been going to Lake Sebago for 6 yrs. My brother was married there. My sister was married there. We stay at a boys camp called O-At-Ka it is an amazing place to chill, let the kids be kids and not have to worry about anything. In the six yrs we've gone there I've never brought a bike. The roads are sketchy as hell with long haul truckers loaded down with logs etc not ideal road riding in my mind. But Rosey got me thinking "cross camp!" I called my brother and asked him if there was a soccer field or something on the other side of camp and Voila. In my wife's words "what is the cross bike doing on the roof rack?" Oh how did that get up there I innocently responded.
At some point all crossers end up down range
We got up to Sebago to witness one of the craziest storms I've ever been party to. The girls will remember it forever. Thunder the likes of which Thor himself was above us crushing giants skulls with each report. Then as we all were on the porch of the lodge watching rain come down in buckets the biggest thunder blast ever and an explosion in the trees 30 feet from the lodge on the edge of the water. You could feel the heat blast. A tree got hit. The aftermath was what was most impressive. I've never given lightning a second thought. After seeing tree shards the size of spears scattered across a 50 foot blast zone I may have to rethink my casual stance to woods riding during thunder and lightning storms.

I got two days of solid cross practice in. I set up a great course that included a bit of everything. I even brought my pvc barriers. Had such a great time working my dismounts, trying to rail the corners, finding places to do flying dismounts and runnups. Felt gassed and frankly wanted to puke after a few 3 minute all out efforts...hmmm how is this going to feel for 45 minutes plus a lap? 

Came out of it convinced I should do the Cycle-smart camp with my teammates. After so long practicing cross by the seat of my pants I need to work on technique with someone who knows what they are doing and knows how to teach the finer points. Me channeling my inner viking (ala Bart Wellens) and hurling myself at the barriers can only get me so far.
Thought I had the bike dialed in but now am not so sure. Rolled a rear fango. Might have been the combo wet grass and old glue job. Really its a karmic Beetch slap upside my head for doubting Zancs tweet that last years glue jobs must be redone before the season. I am glad I rolled it now. Get to try my hand at glueing it up. We'll see how that goes. But came away with a lot of respect for the fangos they really turn super tight turns on wet grass and are pretty fast for a "grippy" tire. They are going to be my go to for a while.

So much to do between now and the Waterville/Sucker Brook weekend. Stoked to get on it.


  1. You should have told me. I do most of my long rides, and awesome climbing, just west of the lake. The road riding there is amazing. Long Hill Road, Douglas Mountain, Kimball Corner Road... Dude, you were right there!

  2. Next year I'll bring both bikes and get my head in the game! That place would be a kick ass Hup United secret training grounds!!