Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back in Black

The top of the runnup never felt so good. My god that runnup kills me...if the tape was a rescue line I'd use it to pull myself up that sketchy hill cause running seemed like a crawl with my stubby legs

I forgot just how badass the Hup Noir kit is. I have been rocking Blanco for the last month since we got it as its been so warm this fall. Noho on Day 1 was pretty cold for the Masters 45+ race. Not freezing like some years up at Noho but high 30s low 40s. Perfect weather for the Noir thermal skinny! We are so lucking on Hup to have such amazing kit. 

This year so many teams have taken their kit up to incredible levels. Embrocation, Svelte, Cambridge (its always been cool in my mind) and yes even Geekhouse. But Hup still is the tops in my mind and the choices we get are amazing-Belgian Bleu, Blanco and most of our all time favorite Noir. Natasha was the official photographer of the race and did an amazing job. She always does an amazing job but like often happens with your friends sometimes you just forget how talented they are until you see them at work. Kudos to Nat she really kicks ass! She's so PRO she can actually make me look like I don't totally suck on a cross bike as these two photos she took up at Noho illustrate. Thanks Natasha for that I really appreciate it.

My favorite part of Noho! The crazy off camber drop off...this year it got my attention a bit more as it was literally my first ride on my sexy new FMB grippos...the glue job was barely dry...dry enough though thankfully!

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