Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hupcakes Rule

Those are some happy raffle winners! So much good raffle Karma flowing around all day long! 

Why cross rules #167 Hupcakes kick ass! And cross racers are just the most generous band of fun loving bastards on the planet. The fundraiser for Harry Lam at the BRC cross race in Lowell was a huge success! Thanks to everyones support we raised $825 with the raffle and sale of Hupcakes! I donated the money to the online Bikereg fund last night. Alarms may be going off at my credit card company as we speak but come on its a black mastercard doesn't that mean I am a high roller or something? And I swear I am good for it I have all the ones crumpled up in a lock box I swear...
Mark and Mike road a brilliant race in the sold out 4 race! Mark won the race in a incredible display of power coming out of a 3 man group 2nd wheel when 3rd wheel was just about to engage the slingshot at the line. Mark felt it and attacked and made it look easy. But Mike deserves a ton of credit for working with his teammate. Frankly when I saw Mark come around after the first lap leading a train of 4 guys I saw berserker was not going to end well. Mike got up to Mark talked some sense into the lad and they set to work ripping apart the rest of the field and bringing home big time Hup glory! Great job boys and congratulations Mark! Man he has worked sooo hard this season. Total inspiration and an incredible kid. Thank you to his wife Gina for all her help and keeping me from losing my mind as I juggled the raffle, the booth, bike racing and socializing...She is so great its not even funny. 

Thank you to all the Hupcake bakers! The Hupcake has become such a cool part of Hup in New England. I loved that there was so much creativity with this batch. Kerry even introduced us to the bacon muffin and Key Lime cupcakes. All cupcakes and muffins were gone before Adam Myerson could have one! That my friends is a bad as I should have had a stash for the Pro's that showed up in large numbers for the elite race. Very un-PRO of me but I am learning next time I have a PRO Hupcake stash...who knows I may send our Fidea bodyguard over to pit row next weekend as the Verge series gets back under way with a certain tribute...have I mentioned I can't wait for the last two double Verge weekends? Sterling and NBX coming up fast and furious. Its going to be incredible.

Yash is in the Haus!!!! Oh it was so good to see my brother in arms roll up looking tight! He rode over from Cambridge through some crazy ass urban riding. Deserves major props for doing so...ride to the ride...should be a motto we all adopt. He looked great, brought some great mojo to the Hup tent and intimidated many with his sheer awesomeness and good looks. 

The fundraiser never could have happened without the help of sooo many people. First of course would be the Boston Road Club and Joe Cady. Joe is the Race Director of Lowell and didn't even hesitate when I asked him if we could do the fundraiser. He was so supportive and Hup is forever in his and BRC's debt. 

On to the shout outs. First off the raffle was a huge success. I was amazed at the level of support that our sponsors gave us. This came together in less than a week. It was so short notice but not one sponsor I contacted even hesitated in offering support. And the support they did offer was so generous. So thank you to my friends for that. And seriously we all have choices when we purchase bike stuff. When it comes time please show support for those who support us by stepping up and supporting them.

So a huge thanks go out to:

Pepsi-wow, granted my wife works for Pepsi and she made this happen but seriously they kicked in some serious product. 3 ipods and a ton of beverages. Plus Pam and her friend hand made all the raffle tickets, the poster, the box and the soon to be crafted Hup letterhead for the official thank you notes!

Pedro's-Again what can I say about Pedro's. I emailed my good friend Matt and he was back to me in a moments notice with some incredible stuff. A Super Pit Kit on Steroids! Not just any Pit Kit (which by itself is totally covetous by all cross racers) but one that had such great extras as a demi torque wrench and a carbon multi tool. He also gave us 2 other bike care kits.  Incredible. What a cool company that is so 100% behind cycling and just does it right. Give them some serious love next time you are even considering buying lube or bike tools. Thanks Matt!

Mad Alchemy-One of my all time favorite companies. And one of my all time favorite bike racers. Pete Smith is amazing. Love love love his embrocation and his chamois creme. Pete was so cool and got us some great embrocation and chamois creme for the raffle. He even dropped off a bunch of extra goodies to add which were much appreciated. Thanks Pete!

We had some amazing support from some great local bike shops who donated gift certificates, a helmet, coffee, socks...the list is too long. Thank you to:

Zanconato-Not only did Mike Z donate a ton of his new woolie logo'd socks to raffle off he had two incredible Swiss Cowbells in the swag bag! The socks are just amazing wool goodness and the was tough letting those go...the runnups are going to be a little louder in the next couple of weeks as those bells are the Thor's Hammer of cowbells. Thanks Mike!

Theo Paul-Who knew Paul could make such incredible wool hats. Do you see that amazing hat in the picture above Theo made that! It is gorgeous and he uses some amazing imagery and designs. Check his hats out when you get a chance they are works of art!

Richard Fries-I am sure most of you know him as the announcer of the Verge series. I have been friends with Richard for almost 10 years. We go way back as Editors of regional cycling publications. Basically we were separated at birth. Except he can multi-task me into the ground. Watching what he pulled off in Providence at his PVD Verge race was nothing less than impressive. But anyway I called him literally last minute to see if he had a PA system I could borrow for the announcer and to play some block rocking beats at the venue. He almost instantly sent me an email back with a how to and an invitation to go pick up all the stuff I needed. Such an amazing friend. Thank you Richard! Your friendship and generosity mean a lot

Thanks also go out to all my Hup teammate and their families for baking Hupcakes and for helping with the raffle and the booth. Thank you to the Cambridge Bike team for all their Support. And thank you to all you amazing cross racers who came by and bought raffle tickets and hung out and supported a great cause!


  1. What a stellar write up - what a great day. Thanks Chip for coordinating. Best - Matt Simpson

  2. Had a great time hanging out with Hup yesterday - Chip, you did a great thing in getting that raffle together. That's the way we all should take care of each other.

  3. Thanks for the amazing write up Chip. A big thanks goes to you for organizing and running the whole show on Saturday! I agree with Rosey, you are our DS supreme.

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  5. Thanks markie mark it was a great day and you rocked it with the win! Believe me I never could have pulled the raffle and fundraiser off without everyone's help!

    And thank you for the props but I think Rosey was referring to Yash as our always fashionable DS Supreme of Hup New England! And he is looking mighty tight in that photo! I can't hold a candle to that man trust me he makes this whole band of fun loving crossers tick lick a Swiss watch.

    Hup Hup my brothers and sisters!

  6. Chip, Great write-up. Such awesome work for a great cause. You rule.

  7. Chip great job, I can't believe you also squeezed a race in amongst the Chaos!

    I assure you that there was complete financial transparency and accountability during my 3 hour shift.

    No bonuses were given out, although I gave a free cupcake to GeWilli's daughter because she looked hungry.

    Also, thank you RMM for the props for the event!

  8. Where does one get those sweet-a$$ zanconato socks?! Do you have to be on that team or something?