Friday, November 13, 2009

Harry Lam Fundraiser at Lowell CX

As if you needed a good reason to go to Shedd Park in Lowell and race the BRC CX race on Saturday Nov 21st. Need I remind you of this? The Forest of Lowellenberg! It was by far one of the most insane additions to any cross course last year. I just hope its epic nastiness can be recreated. Then again I destroyed two brand new tubies in that Forest so maybe just a little less epic would be nice.

But while the racing at Lowell is sure to be off the hook you can also go and support a good cause and get a chance at winning some insanely great swag. Looking at the swag list it is going to be all I can do to resist the urge to pack it all in the back of my van and head for the border. Seriously it is that good!

Ok so some background as to why BRC and Hup are doing a fundraiser. A UCI official named Harry Lam was hurt badly at the Verge race at Northampton. He was involved in an accident at the end of one of the races on Day 1. He suffered some pretty serious head trauma. He is from Utah and is a father of three. You can imagine the impact it can have on a family when a loved one is sent to the hospital 3,000 miles away. Bikereg set up a fund for him and it inspired us to do our own fundraiser locally. We feel it is the right thing to do to try and help Harry and his Family out as much as we can. 

Hup is putting on a fundraiser starting in the am. And one of the things that never ceases to amaze me is how quickly the bike industry rallies to support each other. I have to say a huge thanks to my friends at Pedros, Mad Alchemy, Landry's, Zanconoto as well as a very generous donor who wanted to remain anonymous.

The fundraiser will include a raffle full of the aforementioned swag, and a fundraiser in which we will sell Hupcakes, beverages, bagels, and other goodies. All the proceeds will go to Harry and his family. The raffle tickets will cost $5 each. It is possible a Hupcake will come with every raffle ticket! We will do prize drawings after each race. Get there early and get your raffle tickets at the Hup booth!

The prize list includes:
-3 ipods
-A Pedros Super Pit kit that is filled to the gills with extra Pedros bling including Critical Mass Carbon multi-tool, tire levers, Demi Torgue wrench, Super Prestige Pump worth $300; Pedros has also generously donated A chain machine kit, and a total bike care kit
-Mad Alchemy embrocation
-Landry's has offered up 3 x $25 gift certificates to their store
-Zanconoto has donated some seriously cool wool socks and other swag
And this is just the tip of the swag iceberg! See why I want to be like the Grinch who stole Christmas and just make off with all this loot! Do the right thing get to Lowell buy some raffle tickets and get a chance at winning some amazing prizes all while enjoying the crossawesomeness that is Lowell and helping out a good cause. 
The Hup Booth will be right by the start finish after checking in at registration come on by, buy a raffle ticket, eat a Hupcake, and hang out. And don't forget we'll have a celebrity announcer on the M.I.C! Thanks for all your support any questions hit me with an email at

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