Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fat Tire Wednesdays

Hence forth Wednesdays will be all about the small and fat tires. One month left of cross season. Mid-week playing in the woods is good for the soul. I can't even look at my road bike right now. And I've had to cannibalize the shit out of it anyway for this year's A cross bike. Damn I even had to cannibalize parts off my wife's old Lemond...and she busted me! That was pretty Hott actually. Not only is my wife sexy as hell, smart and funny but she know's bikes enough to tell when her dirt bag husband has poached her nice clincher wheels for his cross bike...oopsies...Luckily she is very understanding this time of year. Its a three month window right? And then back to normal...well kinda.
Went out to Caryl Park and Hale Reservation in Dover. It seemed totally foreign as all the leaves are on the ground. Makes it harder to cue on turns in the trail. I got lost a few times. Got so lost I hung the bike in a tree sat down and ate a clif bar. Listened to the wind through the trees and just chilled. Damn I love mountain biking in the Fall. I can't remember the last ride I went on that I wasn't either doing intervals or rushing to get home. It was fantastic. The only thing missing was some teammates. It did also cross my mind that if I stacked it hard I'd be pretty f'd all alone in the woods with no one having a clue where I was. But that thought passed quickly thankfully.
The trail elves have been busy and some of the "trails" I found this summer are still in great shape. The leaves actually made it easier to ride some stuff I usually freak out on as the ax head rocks were all hidden beneath a blanket of brown. It also made for some pretty sketchy dismounts as it was almost more hazardous portaging the bike across some stuff than riding it. 
Great day out on the bike. Sola is riding tight. Almost ripped the entire rear end off the bike when I somehow sucked up an enormous branch into the rear triangle. But guess what? Ti is stronger than wood. Wonder how a plastic bike would have done? Probably not so well...

***Cross PSA-A UCI Official was involved in an accident at Noho last weekend. He was badly hurt. A fund has been set up to help with his medical costs which likely will be substantial. Please do what you can


  1. ha ha ha, I love it, getting some brownie points by mentioning how smart, sexy and funny your wife is. So, when is your new rock lobster road bike arriving?

  2. Thanks for posting the link to the donation site. See you soon bro.