Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Hupcakes Cometh

What better way to deal with CSWS (cross season withdrawal syndrome...its kind of like the dts...but maybe worse) this week than a gallery of Hup cakes (and Geekcakes!) from last weekends Ice Weasels Cometh! Most of these shots were taken by Lodrina.

I tried to find a photo of Kerry's Zanconato mini-cupcakes..they were really the hit of the day with the Hupcake handups..trying to shove a full size Hupcake with m&ms all over it while running a double set of barriers could frankly kill a man...the Z mini cupcakes were perfect for the pro-style cupcake handup, grab, pop in mouth and eat in one bite, remount and then attack!

The Hupcake bakers were off the hook this year. Thank you to everyone who got into it and made it so much fun!
Those are as gorgeous as their bikes! My God how did they get those colors dialed? They are professionals that is how...
Big Tomeke gets it, atma, and yes these Hupcakes were Epic and For The Win!

I am not sure wether it was Bevin or Gretchen who unleashed this deluxe version of the Hupcake on us but once I saw HUPcake Deluxe at Shedd Park there was no going back. I spent 4 hours baking these bad boys the night before Ice Weasels...

Lo could be a professional food god that icing is just begging me to lick it off before taking a huge bite of that chocolatey goodness...

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