Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pre-gaming for Natz

This is literally my favorite picture from the entire 2009 cross season! Seriously look at those boys! My god they rock. Gewilli is just hands down one of the coolest cats I have had the pleasure of knowing. I took this today right after they finished up their elite masters race. G is cooling down on the trainer with a Dog fish Ale! You think these boys are going to have fun out at Natz?Hells yeah they are. 

I keep checking myself each time I talk about one of my friends/teammates this season as I seem to throw the term the "coolest cat on the xxx" around so freely. But its just how I feel. I don't know if its we are just having the best season on record and everyone is in a good mood or we are all just kinda getting to know each other more so we can all let our hair down but damn the Planet Bike guys just kill me. They are so friggin funny and easy to hang out with but man they also bring it you know...on the race course they are intense but off of it they are the life of the party. 

Just wanted to fire this post up as a shout out for the big Viking. He's worked his ass off this year. He's worked through some tough shit as well. And how many dudes can rock the Vanderkitten Orange Jumpsuit? I mean really? He can rock it cause he has cross cred. As his friend I say chapeau brother you have earned this peak. Wether he is peaking for the party or the race itself its irrelevant. The Planet Bike boys and Gewilli are going to bring some of what makes the east coast cross scene so unique out west. And they are going to have some damn good stories to tell us when they get back...I for one can't wait to hear them.

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  1. We are pretty straight laced at the local races. We let our hair down at nationals. Or at least I do. Or so I am told, I usually have no recollection.