Friday, December 11, 2009

Where's GeWilli?

Big Tomeke found this photo taken by Janet Hill up on the interwebs...CXmagazine is doing a great job posting up photos and results of all the shenanigans going on out at Bend. Good to see GeWilli made it safe and sound to the Left Coast. We've had numerous tweets from his partner in crime but no actual photographic evidence of Mr Chabot's presence in could just be a smoke screen and he could be tweeting from the Admiral's club at SFO and drinking Manhattan's....but that is just a vicious rumor...

From the looks of these pictures I will not complain about how cold and icey it will likely be at Ice least with a race called Ice Weasels its not like its false advertising the name is almost asking for snow and ice right?

Along those lines, do you think Thom and Colin would be too put off if I stopped on rt 1 at petco on my way to the race and picked up a pair of Ferrets as prizes for the winners of the ss race? A ferret is not a weasel perse but probably a nice distant cousin without that nasty murderous streak...see you in the am...If it wasn't obvious by my manic postings this weak I am pretty much freaking out that the season is almost over....2 more races to go!


  1. You gets it, atma, but I have a suggestion: First prize = 1 ferret, second prize = 2 ferrets.

  2. That picture is pretty much what our course looks like, too.

    I had the right PSI to rail the berm FTW, at least.