Sunday, December 13, 2009


photo by Rob Bauer @ doublehop
Yes that is resultsboy grabbing dollar bill primes off the barriers! And it is alot harder than it looks. He makes this look too easy. There were loads of crashes as riders who should know better became hypnotized by dollar bills and Hupcakes.

And damn for a skinny guy he clearly has strong deltoids cause look at the one hand with the bike. My shoulder would pop out of the socket. Then again its possible his bike weighs 5 lbs...
A little improvised Ice Weasels graffiti poster!

The inventor of the Hupcake! Kerry C in the orange jumpsuit bringing it on the race course and to the tailgate! Kerry pretty much taught me everything I know about getting a Hup tailgater going way back at 24hrs of Great Glen when the Hupcake express took flight! Thanks Kerry for showing us how its done! The limited edition Zanconato Hupcakes were perfect for handups! Bite sized and delicious!
Who's bike you calling sketchy?

Hupcakes in z Haus!!!!

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