Saturday, January 22, 2011

MMRacing @ the Ride Studio Cafe

I have the best friends in the world. They are strong, tough, fierce, soulful, compassionate, loving, artful, creative, smart, loyal and make me such a better person its not even funny. I have said this so many times people are probably sick of hearing it by now. Its not me being fake and putting on airs of humility. This is how I truly feel. Without my friends I would be half the man I am today. They inspire me, they push me, they help me stay young and they help me grow. The place that my friends are more and more calling home is the Ride Studio Cafe.

I consider Rob Vandermark a true friend. Rob is the founder and CEO of Seven cycles. He is also the man behind the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington. He has been so gracious in letting the whole bicycle community use the RSC as a hub. For the last year its been a hub for our parties, our rides and our gatherings. It really has brought us together. The Ride Studio is equal part bike studio, gallery, and cafe. And all parts are represented in such an artful manner you wonder why no one else ever opened a space like this before. That is just one reason why Rob is an outlier. He has vision and no matter how challenging it might be he has made it work. I am proud to be a really small part of this community. It is really something special.
But back to my friends. One of the coolest couples in cross, Matt and Mo Bruno Roy are having their annual MMRacing party next Saturday to celebrate this last cross season. On Saturday January 29th from 6:30-10:00 Matt and Mo and the Ride Studio will be throwing a cross party! If you have never gone to a party at the RSC you owe it to yourself to make it to this one. It will be something special. Matt and Mo are amazing. It may seem weird talking about your friends like that but its true. They are so unique. They support each other so much. And they support the NECX sooo much. I mean Matt and Mo are at the highest level of the sport but they will help out anyone. And I mean anyone. It is part of who they are. They love cross, they love the community and it shows through everything they do.
I was having an email conversation with a friend the other day about sponsorship and women's cycling. And I was outlining my thoughts on what a person could do to secure a sponsor and to make it all work. And what hit me after about three lengthy emails was Matt and Mo get it. They give back to their sponsors, they are evangelists for the sport, they literally love the sport, Mo is the nicest person you will ever meet. You don't meet PRO athletes that are this nice. Well you do but its rare. And I could be biased but most of them are from New England. But I digress. Mo will talk to anyone and she is so cool. But she is also sooo tough as nails. This years Nationals is testament to that. But her ride in Zolder is also another example. The video of that race is nuts. The worlds best are having trouble with the ice and snow and Mo is just floating over stuff. She can drive a bike like no other. Ok maybe one or two others and their names are KFC and Marianne Vos. It is impressive.

But what is amazing to me about Matt and Mo is how thoughtful they are. They could be some selfish athlete couple and just worry about themselves and the bottom line but they don't they truly think about others. And they enjoy life and live it in the moment. This last Friday night Matt hit me with a little care package from their trip to Belgium for the World Cup. It blew my mind. I love those two. Seriously. For them to bring me back anything is so nice. But they get me. They brought me back the full on cx superfan care pack. Fidea fan cards and posters. Sven Nys Mutt...I am still beyond words. I do think the Ride Studio has played a big part in how close the NECX is right now. I wouldn't even know Matt and Mo on this level if it wasn't for Rob and the RSC. He created this hub so we could all meet and share our love of bikes and cross and be part of a greater community. This is no small feat in this age of internet addiction. The irony is that while all of America is isolated by their crackberry addiction and the internet the Ride Studio has brought us together and made us a community in the flesh.
The Ride Studio on its own would be a great space. You throw the passion and creativity of the NECX and sexy bikes into the mix and you have something so special you can't even really describe it in words. Next Saturday come out to the Ride Studio and show Matt and Mo the love. I will be there with bells on....cowbells of course. And I hear we are meeting up Sunday am at 5 am to watch Worlds while eating waffles and riding cross bikes...but that may just be a rumor ; )

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