Sunday, January 30, 2011

Worlds & Waffles @ RSC

Ride. Rest. Repeat. Yes that is a good mantra. This weekend was one big celebration of the NECX, CX Worlds and Waffles with MMRacing at the Ride Studio Cafe in Lexington! Matt and Mo and Rob Vandermark and everyone at the Ride Studio Cafe deserve HUGE Hup hugs, thanks and shout outs for a fantastic weekend! My babymomma has been my wingman (wingperson?) the last couple of weekends and it has been such a good thing. We share one brain. It is hilarious hearing her perspective on the NECX, the characters etc. The NECX should get used to it cause she is gonna be around a lot! I am going to even bring her out for some riding once the weather gets a bit better. She loves the big ring! But in all seriousness thank you for all being so nice to her. Just one more reason I love you all you made her feel welcome and a part of the community in a second. No awkwardness, no trying to figure it out. Bam she is a part of the hive mind. I appreciate it a ton. And she won swag! She was soo stoked to win the great prizes MMracing and the RSC were giving out!
The whole weekend was like a reunion. Some folks I hadn't seen since Ice Weasels some it was even a lot longer. It was so great catching up and hanging out with the NECX. Just from all the conversations we had 2011 is going to be sick. I have no idea how we can top last year but we doubt in my mind about that. I won't lie though one of the highlights for me was Matt's slideshow it once again blew my mind. He does such a great job with them. I think Pam even got goose bumps... too bad there isn't a masters category for the ladies she could do some damage in cx...I can feel it.
She did heckle me at one point for taking more pictures of Dave Chiu's new Ride Studio Cafe team paint job than I do of the kids. Well that isn't totally true but I was in full on bike geek mode. Seven has been turning out some sick paint jobs lately but this one may be my favorite of all time. Pearl white and blue always looks so classy and how they knocked out the ti so it showed through was fantastic.
So from these photos of Dave's sexy newly painted whip you can tell there will be a Ride Studio Cafe race team in 2011! I can't wait to learn more about it but believe me when I say it is going to be something special. They will be bringing the spirit of the NECX to the road scene in a big way!
I kind of questioned my sanity getting up at 5 am Sunday to drive to the Ride Studio for a Cross Worlds viewing party but it was sooo worth it. Waffles and cross and again so many friends from the NECX. I got to actually get in a ride with the Newbury Comics boys and my good friend and Heavy Metal God Mike Salvatore. We only rode for about an hour but it was so nice rolling with good friends on a cold January morning. Roger, Thom and Nick are great guys. I love how a team can just become its own sentient being in a way. The Newbury Comics team to me is like that. I just love hanging around those guys. Doesn't hurt that their kits are badass...and so are they.
The "highlight" of the ride was when we got into a bit of a situation on the road and then it just defied all current bike/car conflict stereotypes. We were rolling pretty much single file near Hanscom AFB in Concord. There is a bit of a negative shoulder right now with all the snow. Drivers for the most part get it. You need to slow down and be safe as sight lines are obscured etc. Well I hear a pick up coming up behind us. I was about third wheel. It was a full size F-150. He must have been a biker or just was cool about bikers as he gave a toot toot and crossed the yellow line and eased passed us. No gunning it like a jackass just moving past us. Well up the road on the other side I see a Prius flying towards him/us. We have all seen this played out a million times on different rural roads. And we know what is going to happen next. The car/truck is coming back into our "lane" wether he can fit or not. Hmmm wonder who loses here? Rights or no rights it ain't gonna end well. But you know what he didn't do it. He held his line. He didn't budge. He slowed down then stopped. The Prius couldn't get past him. The Prius stopped. The F-150 rolled down his window and starting yelling at the other driver. And I quote "what you want me to run over these bikers? What the F is wrong with you! Slow the f down."

Now I thought after that exchange we would get some serious shit. The usual. Gunning the engine, flying by us, screaming out the window, right hook us and break check. You know what? Didn't happen. Not. At. All. All drivers are not dick heads. He eased passed waved gave us a toot and went on his way. I heart truckers...Its Prius drivers I hate with a furry vengeance...

Great, great weekend. Its almost February. Lots of talk about ss mountain bikes, The Ronde de Rosey (April 10th! Get your teams ready now!!!), dirt roads and good friends. I am not in so much of a rush for Spring to get here. Not with weekends like this one..

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