Monday, January 31, 2011

Shout at Il Diavolo!

I think we just found Chandler and Todd's next kickstarter project...get Marco Aurelio Fontana to New England for CX Superweek next fall. Can you even imagine this man at Night Weasels? Any man who flashes the Devil Horns at CX World's as he finishes 7th is my hero. Not since Joe Namath wore a fur coat at the superbowl has this type of style been thrown around on the World's stage. I am creating my shrine to Marco in my mancave as we speak.
I will leave this to the professionals but we need to create a fund to get him here for the Gloucester-Night Weasels-Providence week of cross. Back to back C1 weekends, Night Weasels and Marco? Dear god. Do you think we could get him to a skinsuit party? As if he would even say no to that..we may have to sell all our souls to him to make this happen but it will be worth it...Oh and he is a Cannondale team couldn't even make this good a cx story up if you tried. Cross season clearly "Can't Stop, Won't Stop." 2011 is gonna be a good year I can feel it.

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