Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Break

So many cyclists dread Winter. Its too cold. The roads are sketchy. Its dangerous. Taking a shower is dangerous. Driving your car to work is dangerous. Riding your bike in the Winter is a gift. Yeah living in New England is hard. Looking at pictures of people riding in Norcal or warmer climates gets you jacked. But you know what seasons are good. It brings a flow back to our modern lives that we are usually sooo out of touch with. We all have ADD at this point. Thanks internet for that. Really. But when Boston gets pounded by 12-18 inches of snow its mothernatures bitch slap reminding us we are creatures. We may be civilized but we aren't that different than animals. We have the same basic instincts. Sure the internet isn't responsible for us losing touch with Nature but its quickly becoming the last straw. Kids don't even know how to play anymore why should we be shocked that adults don't either
But me? I love weather. I love the seasons. I love going out in the woods after a blizzard. Did you know snow has a smell? It does. Right before a storm and for days after that white fluff has covered everything the world smells clean and crisp. Snow is the anti-internet. It will draw even the most jaded, tv and video game addicted tweener outside to play like a kid again. And that is how I feel about Winter. Its play time. I don't ski. I don't snowboard. I hike. I snowshoe. I play. I ride my bike. I am not a hardman. Stories of people doing 4 hour trainer rides in their garage boggle my mind. I can barely last an hour on my trainer. But back to riding in winter. It is different. Everything is slower. I guess you could do intervals. But really why would you? It should be ok to slow down once in a while. I laugh out loud when I am out and its 20 degrees and my legs are frozen solid. We have been getting some good riding in. We just got dumped on. Some are riding. Some are waiting til the shoulder gets a little wider. Well let's be honest its a negative shoulder right now on most roads.
But this Winter I have already had a ton of fun. The Blizzard before this one we got a good group together and rode Battle Road. It was amazing. Sheer ice in some parts, but also some great packed snow. It was like a roller coaster ride. The Ride Studio continues to be the Hub of our riding on that side of the River. I wish I was closer to my friends in Somerville/Arlington/Cambridge. Its funny how the River does create this Berlin Wall in a way. The egress and ingress is challenging. Its easy to get together for rides with my friends from DOT, JP and Brighton not so much on the other side of the Pike. But the RSC has been that magnet that has drawn us all together and I am very thankful for that.
This winter I am making a pact with myself to get out more. Wether its on the bike, snowshoeing with Rosey in Cutler or just rambling around with the kids in the woods. What is funny about the woods in the Winter is in a way they are more easy to navigate. You don't realize this until you go in with a kid. All the bracken and roots are covered by the snow and the lines just blur between what is a trail and what is an opportunity. Sydney and I just scrambled all over the creek beds in Caryl Park the other day and it was brilliant. We even found a mousicle. We almost brought it home for Sheba but thought twice about it.
Lastly I leave you with these Punk Rock cupcakes...I guess cupcakes are still cool...who knew?

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  1. nice cupcakes, look yummy. 2 more Cx races down here in NC yet till season ends! Good luck on getting out there to ride! Take it easy and keep the tread side down. The pirate NC Hupster!