Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bandit racing anyone?

Ok so here it is I am going to just come out and say it. They have more fun in California and the PacNW than we do. Its true. We are just too damn serious back here in New England.

Its in our dna and was imprinted upon us by those damn puritans and their Mayflower. See if "we" didn't kick the British out we'd be a lot more fun trust me. The Puritans were the boring ones. We can say we are so liberal blah, blah, blah. Sure MLK and Malcolm X both hailed from Boston but so does Scott Brown...dohhh. But I digress.

The point is we need to have a bit more fun so we can get a bit more serious when it matters. Dieter's annual Battenkill viral marketing campaign exposed some interesting things...oh wait you don't think Dieter uses the blog forums as marketing? What you think he's just a hot head attacking random bloggers cause he feels threatened? No way. It is a calculated approach to drum up interest for his race. Its not unlike the election we just had. How many people who said they'd never race BK voted with their money and signed up to race? A lot.

But one thing that did come out of the whole BK mess was that people clearly want to get some rides together that maybe aren't "races" The Grasshopper series in Norcal is amazing. Granted they benefit from a totally different geography than what we have. In Norcal once you get out of the city limits you hit beautiful open space. On the east coast we have crazy sprawl. Out in Norcal its population dense then open space. Its gorgeous and ideal for this type of riding/racing.

But how about it. What if we do it. Yash's hardman series primed the whole squadra for cross season last year. It built comradery among the team, it built strong legs and strong character, and we had some real laughs along the way. Remember when I crashed climbing on Ronnies and Tom's ride? Oh god it was hilarious. I was so blown up I literally couldn't stay upright and collapsed into the mud. Yash laughed really hard at me as he rode over me...

So I know RMM wanted to cook something up. Rosey has a great vision for a ride. Gwilli what you got in RI? Something Hilly with some teeth maybe? Ronnie can you dial up that ride again? Paging all interested parties. Seriously lets do this. Make it a 4 ride series. And let's see if we can build something. We can model it around the Spring Classics if we want or we can do our own thing. One ride must be on cross bikes though that is a given.


  1. I'm thinking a HUP hardman ride on the dirt roads of NH, or maybe even VT six gaps. Lots of good stuff here in the middle of nowhere.

  2. What about the Deerfield dirt roads?

    Hope to see you Sunday.

    Peet's at 10 in Lex, right? No shit about my bike, OK?