Friday, January 8, 2010

The Jens Factor

Thanks Graham for forwarding this to me. I know why you did it, really I do. Yes I have become soft. Softer than the entire Quick Step team who seemingly fled Belgium for Spain while Stijn Devolder continues to train in Belgium. In Devloders words " It is not so cold that you freeze on to your bike. You go from a temperature of 0 (Celsius) to minus one and you're not dead. It hardens your character." Hell yeah it does Stijn. He has even done many of his long training rides on his cross bike when there is snow on the roads.

So thanks Graham you are right. I need to quite it with the hot yoga, training in the stankment, looking for indoor trainer rides (wtf? how whack is that?) and harden the fuck up and ride outside. This weekend my brother, this weekend I ride like Stijn!


  1. Wait, if someone had to forward it to you, does that mean you don't read


  2. i'm going for a long ass hardman ride this weekend. Girls are out of town, just me and the dog. It is either that or sit home on my ass drinking beer looking at the burnt up hulk of my car out the front window. And i'm projecting if i did that i'd have to have a couple cases of beer on hand to make it through the weekend.

    so come down to beautiful southern New England for some hard man riding (maybe) i won't go ride in a snow storm, or right after one but the roads are roads, what ever the Jens Factor is, i'm there.