Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Circle A Love

Not often you get to see a bike like this in person! Words won't do it justice so I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves. But my God Circle A is producing some gorgeous machines. There are two things that blew my mind about this bike. Number one is obvious its sheer beauty and attention to detail is staggering in its genius. But almost more importantly above its sex appeal is that it not only looks good but is fast! Who would think a "show" bike with racks and fenders could be such a fast road machine? That is the magic of this bike. That's it I will shut up now and just let the bike speak for itself. Enjoy!
Take note of the tire cleaning device on the fenders!
Another look at the fenders and the tire cleaner

Now racks and fenders may not be something to get all crazy about but look at the functionality and beauty of what you have here, pure genius. No sks crap here!


  1. you're such a tease! where are some pictures of the rear end, bb, and most of all, the bearded warrior that pilots said rocket ship?

  2. who does pilot that ship? i see a good number of Circle A stuff around here, that's pretty damn cool.

  3. It's OK to get crazy over fenders like those.

    That's sorta my dream trainer-bike.


  4. Rosey its true I am a tease! But I like to think of myself more of an artiste than a purveyor of bike porn. But yes there was a nice shot of both David and Robert climbing that I was sooo tempted to shoot but again I respect my subjects and did not want to seem like I was cheapening my art to get more people to look at my blog at their expense.

    G-the bearded warrior that pilots that rocket ship is none other than the esteemed Mr. David Wilcox. He is a very lucky man! That bike is even more gorgeous in person. And it lives up to Grant Petersons old ideal of a do everything bike. How can a bike with fenders and racks even be that fast? I mean seriously.

    I clearly need to take a trip down to PVD and meet these Circle A geniuses because as the Rock used to say I smell what they are cooking?

  5. take your road trip down during the week and we should grab some lunch!