Thursday, January 14, 2010

I heart Twitter

Yeah so all those people who were like Twitter is stupid. What a waste of time. Yeah its such a waste of time Kim Kardashian just got paid $10,000 a tweet. Holy crap. That is ridiculous. It truly is a new world order and Twitter will be the mouthpiece of this revolution. On a side note does anyone even watch tv or read magazines anymore? Advertising and marketing as we used to know it are dead. RIP old school marketers.

But why do I love twitter? Cause I am not cool and wouldn't know how to be cool if my life depended upon it. But my friends are pretty cool. And are smart. Like scary smart. What ever happened to bikers who were artists and sort of dirtbags. Damn its all IT guys and scientists right now. But I like it cause its making me smarter...well kind of by osmosis anyway. But reason #351 why I heart twitter. All my twitter peeps showing me the good Sporza feeds so we can watch Belgian tv live! I even like the Belgian ham adds. Englebert Humperdink maybe not so much but I digress..

I was reading M&C, one of the OG cross bloggers yesterday and I remembered this moment in Diegem. There is a lot to love about Sven Nys. But this right here is THE reason to love him more now than ever. And frankly if you want to be PRO forget the white tape, fancy top tube decals with your name on it, and sexy white sidis. You want to be PRO be like Sven. And when I say be like Sven I mean older current Sven who is thriving around much younger competition.

In the pictures below Nys just lost his lead in the Superprestige series. He also lost any chance at the overall series. All because his derailler exploded. Did he throw his bike over the barriers, bitch and moan about the course or the spectators? Did he throw Shimano under the bus and blame them for his loss? First thing I thought when I saw that photo was Di2 failure...but he never blamed Shimano. What would Niels have done? Can you imagine the hissy fit he would have had? Remember when Sparticus broke his chain in the spring classics? Not pretty.

This is how you do it. And frankly this is what I am carrying into next season. You don't see Nys yelling and screaming. He's just all business. That my friends is PRO. Next year when you get pissed cause some guy chops your wheel or crashes in front of you zip your pie hole and race. You blow your bike to shit, run it into the pit like a pro and get it straight and get back out there and race. So much to learn from Nys this season. Belgian National Championships seemed over for him midway through. But he stayed calm let the young guys duke it out then moved up a group and blew past them. Did that three times. And the third time he blew by them all for a free and clear victory. It was hilarious to see how his passing the young guys affected their riding. They were crashing each other out all over the place. Can he beat Niels and Stybar at World's? Probably not. But I am rooting for him..well him and Stybar!


  1. He WAS pretty calm walking down the street shouldering his bike. From what I have seen in the late races my money for worlds will be on Stybar he fights tooth and nail laways appears to be on the rivit. he will be riding at home and if it is cold and snowy he will be the man.....

  2. chip, i'd be calm too if i knew my "supporters" had my back when it really matters...ok, low blow.

    the guy is cool, calm, collected. i kind of like to see the blow ups though too. it reminds us that these guys fight with the same problems as us amateurs and they get pissed off too. i don't want to see them crying and being absurd but albert's bike toss a few weeks ago was not out of line. it was passion in battle.

  3. I hear you. One of my all time favorite blowups was Wellen's roundhouse kick to a heckling fans head at Overijse.

    The fact that he did it on an insanely technical descent and rode it out after kicking him in the head pretty much puts Big Bad Bart at the head of the mead table in Valhalla in my mind.

    What do you think would have happened to a fan if someone pulled Richard Groenendaal off his bike? I wouldn't want to be that fan...God I love cross!

    I am sure the little Prince will recover and make a good go of it at World's. I don't think the Belgian team will work for him this year though!